We're not ignoring you: our phones don't work

We're not ignoring you: our phones don't work


Dear editor, friends and business associates: If you have been trying to reach me or any of our businesses by telephone, you have probably been greeted by a constantly ringing and unanswered phone.

We are not ignoring you. It is simply that our household and many others on at least Dry Creek Road and Mt. Veeder Road have been without telephone more often than not these last few months.

Needing to be stressed is that these are our land lines, which we pay extra for to assure we have some method of communication when the lights go out, storms blow in or fires threaten.

Many of us here on this mountain do not get good cell reception, so all those helpful little reminders to sign up for Nixle alerts are not really helpful at all. And most of us have experienced the suspension of wifi reception during these emergencies as well.

So we in the hills invest extra money each month for land lines.

We discovered during the 2017 fires our phones go out when the electricity goes out. So much for emergency communication options. Our land lines might work if someone from AT&T comes out to fire up the generator a few miles down the road. That appeared to be the fix the last several times the phones went out.

But even though AT&T now knows that is necessary to function, it apparently is not a priority. This has been a known problem for at least three years here in the hills, so it was with ironic gratitude that the latest power outages affected entire cities, who also got to discover their cell phones and landlines did not work.

Many people have noted the shortsightedness and stupidity of our electric utility. To pile on, I note two additional indicators of braindeadness.

No emergency calls, no check ups on friends and family, no warnings of evacuations. Nada.

We have neighbors up the mountain who have not had phone service for three weeks, and AT&T is not sure when it might be restored.

The mail is still delivered and we still get bills. It is a beautiful system.

So. To reiterate: we mountain folk are not ignoring you, be you friend, bill collector or telemarketer. Our phones don’t work.

Denise Levine



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