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I received an unsolicited invitation to join the National Rifle Association, and was stunned to read the incredible, antagonistic hype. Such as, "Hundreds of anti-gun politicians, judges, radical billionaires and the freedom-hating media elite are vowing to fight on and never surrender...not until they ban hundreds of popular firearms, register gun owners and drive a stake in the heart of your firearms freedoms."

This appeal is breathtaking in the implication that all NRA members and all legitimate gun owners share these outrageous views. I think not.

But it appeals to a radical, paranoid, anti-government element in our society, which is frightening.

A very large majority of the public only wants sensible gun legislation and enforcement, that provides for background checks that includes gun sales at events and between individuals -- and prohibition of military-style, rapid-fire weapons.

We require registration of vehicles and drivers, and insurance. Why not gun owners?

Our country is not safer because of having the largest number of firearms per person than any country in the world. It is more dangerous because of it.

John Pearson