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What do Republicans have to say now?

What do Republicans have to say now?

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Dear Napa Republican Party, We all watched in horror as the mentally unstable Trump tried to destroy our most sacred democratic right to vote. This does show how fragile and easy to distort is the truth. Trump continues to lie and refuses to accept the truth.

Not since the War of 1812 has our most sacred institution been ransacked and violated. There is no question that this was an insurrection created by a crazy man who claims to be the president. There was no difference between this treacherous mob, waving MAGA and Confederate flags in our hallowed halls of Congress, than common thugs breaking into our homes terrorizing us. This is more than scary: it is terrifying.

So, I ask, what is the stance of the Napa Republican party on these events? Do you condone them or do you choose to remain silent, as you did when the pandemic started and you all refused to wear masks and now deny that we will have a new president in January? Are you DDs? Double deniers?

Now is your time to speak up and take a stand for democracy.

Chris d Craiker


Editor’s note: The Register requested comment from the Napa County Republican party and Mark Gasster, the new chairman of the Napa County Republican Central Committee, sent the following response.

“The letter above is a hysterical rant, manic moment, or even the Trump Derangement Syndrome (not really a fan of that one). (It) is very inaccurate.

“It has been whipped up by the media to frame the Trump supporters as violent and out of control. I can say with certainty and from my friends on the ground that the people that broke into the Capitol building were not Trump supporters. There may have been a few that followed the crowd, which is unfortunate. We all know it did not end well for one young woman shot by Capitol Police. I can say the man wearing Deer Horns is not a Trump supporter. There are videos of all kinds of activities: escorted vans, ANTIFA arriving, Capitol Police opening barriers to the Capitol...etc. But, the major point in all of this the President never once told anyone to commit any act of violence among the Protestors or to the capitol building.

“Whomever wrote such words is indeed inciting anger themselves.”

It should be noted that there is no evidence that outside agitators, Antifa or otherwise, were leading the attack on the Capitol. The Washington Times, which originally reported a possible connection to Antifa, has subsequently retracted the story and a source cited in the story has denied that his company made any such connection. Indeed, he said his company, which provides facial recognition technology to law enforcement, had identified several known neo-Nazis as participating in the attack. Also, the man widely pictured wearing a furry hat and horns has been identified as Jake Angeli, an actor from Arizona who has become a familiar sight around the country at pro-Trump rallies and events associated with the pro-Trump QAnon movement. When the Register pointed out these items to Gasster, he said he stands by his statement.

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