The Cash for Grass program sponsored by the city of Napa is certainly helpful in encouraging conservation of our precious water resource.

However, what doesn't make any sense is the city and county approving massive hotels, developments, endless housing of all kinds and increased vineyards and wineries, especially those creeping into our watershed. Learning that trucking water into a select resort on the edge of town and then approving a city water line to meet their needs is puzzling.

Realizing that tourism is a major source of funding, it appears that's the prime concern to the city and county with little regard to "locals". Downtown is unrecognizable to many. The thought of heliports, even one, in the surrounding mountains is sad. That should play havoc with habitat and wildlife. If politicians and governmental leaders pursue current trends, then perhaps we can expect few wooded hillsides, and an eight-lane highway up the center of the valley to accommodate the influx of tourists.

Traffic congestion is getting worse in all areas of the valley. Whatever happened to a slow-growth policy?

Many thanks to those who, 50 years ago, set forth the Ag Preserve. The struggles continue and who will save some of what is so precious in this very small valley.

To those who continue to have their small piece of green lawn, bless you. I smile every time I see one.

Beverly N. Wendel


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