We elected a Liar-in-Chief who has never made a miss-step and expects everyone to believe everything and anything he says. I have talked with friends who voted for him. They say, “don’t listen to what he says, watch what he does.”

But I am appalled by both. The best example would be the border fiasco with separations of families placed in overcrowded and unhealthy facilities.

A man who believes the Constitution was created as a tool to be twisted to meet his needs and an attorney general who acts as a private attorney for Trump. A man who believes his end always justifies his means, no matter who or what might be destroyed in the process. A man who believes his art of the deal doesn’t mean work together. To win is all that matters to him at any and all costs. A man who belittles and demeans all opponents, real and imagined.

The president spouts baseless theories where everyone and every country has continually taken advantage of the U.S. before his arrival; who alienates the countries most closely aligned with us; and shows preference and admiration for the leaders of the most tyrannical governments.

The self-crowned king had three secretaries of state and four national security advisors and many high-level government employees either fired, resigned, or jailed in just under three years. You either agree with his lies and outbursts or you can’t play with him.

Donald Trump does not, will not, or cannot vet in-coming high-level staff as evidenced by the number of staff being tried in the courts and/or refusing positions when found unfit by outside sources.

And fake news! The Liar-in-Chief would have you believe all the media are involved in a grand plot to unfairly report on his activities—with the exception of Fox News. Yet even his favorite network is growing tired of his gruff, bluff treatment of anyone who might disagree or oppose his wishes.

What about science? Scientists around the world support the dangers of climate change. Trump dismisses them and claims it’s all a hoax. He promised to make coal great again despite the many inherent dangers of its use.

Did I say promised? Remember the Great Wall on our southern border that Mexico would pay for?

Racism and white power play a major role in this administration. Trump always smirks when talking about “the good people on both sides of issues.” Interesting to me how easily you can rattle him by mentioning any of the Obama administration accomplishments. Trump tries mightily to change or challenge them as quickly as he can.

I believe he is clever (not smart). He uses this racist stance as a subterfuge to allay a more concerted effort to examine his criminal, self-serving and monetary activities.

With that all said, plus much more left unsaid, I believe in the majority of the American people. His base will continue to support and vote for him no matter what. Base is an interesting word; as a noun: a foundation or support; as an adjective: not having or showing much honor, courage or decency.

I have faith that the men and women who bought into “MAGA” have discovered him to be the little man behind the curtain in Oz. He didn’t win the popular vote last election yet claimed voter fraud with absolutely no proof after an investigation by his own staff. I believe he will lose the states that put him over the top last election. My only fear is that he will do something to disrupt the transfer of power.

None of this was written to be a political screed, Republican or Democrat. I firmly believe we, and our country, are being led by a dangerous, power-hunger, egomaniacal, self-serving, compulsive liar who has divided and disrupted our nation and the national scene.

I believe we, as a people, are better than this and we will vote to return to our previous style of world leadership. A return to a country where all are welcome.

I don’t, won’t believe that every Hispanic trying to cross our Southern border is a rapist, gang member, or murderous druggie. Or that every Muslim is a supporter of ISIS or other terrorist organizations. We are a nation of immigrants who came together to create this wonderful Democratic Republic, warts and all.

The words on the Statue of Liberty shall never be changed to the Trumpian ideal of “send me your healthy and able to take care of themselves individuals.” I hope all Americans will get out and vote at the next election and let’s see if I have accurately assessed who we are as Americans.

Ed Estin


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