Shame on the Napa Town & Country Fair board for closing down the Model Railroad Club's long-time venue -- and for what? A parking lot? That certainly isn't "agricultural." How long will it be before the "smelly" animals will no longer be welcomed at the Junior Livestock Auction?

This really has to be so that more people can come to BottleRock and other such events. I doubt very much that it is to help the Junior Livestock Auction, as was indicated in the article.

Oh yes, they want the Railroad Club to be present at the upcoming fair, but hurry up and move out by the end of August. Are you kidding me? Well, there goes another 40-plus-year activity available to local Napa residents, in order to invite the wine-drinking throngs from out of town to come and fill hotels and spend their money.

As an almost 50-year resident of Napa, I am mortified. This is not the Napa that I have known as a small, friendly community where I chose to raise my family. What have we become?

Judy Ahmann


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