What the pandemic has done

What the pandemic has done


There is oh so much sadness now and so much untold grief.

Now over 100,000 Covid deaths continue with no real relief.

Many Americans are without work, food, school or money.

For all of those people who are affected this isn’t a bit funny.

Among other things it has pulled the curtain back for us

exposing inequities about which we’ve not made a fuss.

Oh yes, upon occasion we did notice when incidents arose.

We quelled them with batons, tear gas, and boots on toes.

Why is it the people of color suffer the most from such a thing?

Lethality rises with underlying conditions, does that a bell ring?

Lack of health care is a chief cause of untreated issues for them

allowing major health problems from treatable conditions to stem.

On top of that, there’s among some a kind of cop-culture still alive

allowing brutality even to the point of death to continue to survive.

Why do departments allow these bad apples to continue to work?

It makes their hiring and firing practices seem to be led by a jerk.

These bad apples give the good peace officers a very bad name

and they give their departments unwanted bad press and fame.

To successfully prosecute a murderous cop is not a small thing.

It is much, much harder than the charges themselves to bring.

It speaks poorly for us as a nation in this century that we

have not yet lived up to our founding documents you see.

May this virus help us contemplate how we can now work

to eradicate racial inequality our job as patriots not to shirk.

Work on healthcare, living wages, and education is what’s needed

to right the wrongs that our inaction or politicians have not heeded.

Can we do it? Will we do it? That’s the real question for you and me.

Or, once again as time passes will this a mere footnote in history be?

At least now no-knock warrants will likely be a thing of the past

and choke-holds, which can be fatal, will be outlawed at long last.

That’s a good start but to wipe out racism much more is needed.

With COVID we’re relaxing our efforts even though it’s not defeated.

Are we citizens up to staying the course to end these two things?

Neither’s a quick fix that’s the news more than one expert brings.

Eventual freedom from both will a brand-new tomorrow usher in

when we’ve tackled the virus and rid ourselves of an original sin.

We are in this together so each with patience must do his/her part.

Examine yourself for bias, wear a mask, social distance --it’s a start.

Dorothy Northey


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