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What's goin’ on?

What's goin’ on?


Being inside going on two years, I don't think this is the same world that I left. Outside it is beautiful, spring is here, flowers are blooming, but I hear sirens every day. Someone shot, or hit by a car? Streets torn up, houses torn down. Is it spring-cleaning or the beginning of a revolution?

In my family, we have close to 15 grandchildren (keeps changing), six of them are black. I always send prayers of protection for all of them; especially the black ones — I know what awaits them. I read the stories in the paper every day. No family should have to think like that, but today it's everywhere.

People are wearing masks, many stores are closed. I used to walk to Fuller Park with my dog. Walking the overpass was easy. Now it has been replaced by something that looks like a carnival ride, and some drivers use it like that. Is this progress? Haven't we lived here (earth) long enough to design a better, safer, way to live?

Maybe we should send those who claim to be brilliant in the government down to Chaco Canyon, feed them "Meals on Wheels" for a year to get the fat off, perhaps they could think more clearly. A little work would do them some good too. We have embarrassed ourselves too long — allowing Donald Trump to make fools out of all of them. Even my dog was embarrassed. Give this land back to the Native Americans — they did and better job. Unfortunately, they left when they saw him.

I mean no offense to Meals on Wheels; they are a wonderful organization.

All could benefit from smaller meals, smaller houses, fewer cars, more public buses, how about small ones for seniors? I'd like a "Zip" line to town.

Barbara Ciapponi


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