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 What is a forum? When is a forum not a forum?

Robyn Orsini’s letter in response to my questions about the League of Women Voters’ “forum” raises more questions than it answers ("Napa League responds to letter about watershed initiative," March 11).

In the Feb. 23 description that appeared in the Register, it was described as a “‘forum,” “featuring speakers with different backgrounds and points of view.” Now Ms. Orsini writes to contradict her organization’s own prior language: she now states that it “is not a forum.”

I originally wrote to call attention to the lack of diverse opinions and presenters—the opposite of a forum. Words matter: if the forum is to “educate the public about the importance of healthy watersheds,” why aren’t there presenters on all sides of the initiative? If it’s a pep rally for Measure C, call it by its real name.

In addition, in her letter Ms. Orsini tries to clarify how, where and when the League is now an advocacy organization: in my opinion this is a tough balancing act that is not working.

It bears repeating---another pillar of our culture has fallen. I can no longer trust what the League of Women Voters says.

Julie Ann Kodmur

St. Helena