When will outrage translate to action?

When will outrage translate to action?


We civilians in this country are living in a war zone made possible by a combination of NRA money in politics, complicit politicians who do nothing, the current president who feeds racist tendencies that have always been with us, our apathy and the erroneous belief that gun laws mean taking away deer rifles.

I don’t know what will move our outrage high enough to make change. Little kids getting slaughtered wasn’t enough. Teenagers murdered in their high school didn’t do it. People enjoying a movie, a concert, a garlic festival, praying in their church or synagogue didn’t change anything.

Maria Teresa Kumar, the President of Voto Latino said recently on MSNBC that the El Paso shooting was the largest mass murder of Mexican Americans in the country’s history. There is a direct line from the violent, hate-filled language targeting people of color emanating from the highest office in the land to the murders in El Paso. How can we continue to allow the “leader” of the free world incite hatred?

The Constitution’s Second Amendment meant to maintain a well armed militia, the army. They could not imagine the deadly weapons that flood our country or that this amendment would metastasize into a rabid gun rights philosophy.

Mitch McConnell has refused to allow a bill for comprehensive background checks be heard on the Senate floor. The current occupant of our White House began his campaign on racist words that he continues to spew while Republicans are silent. This toxic rhetoric may upset and anger most of us, but it takes root in the minds of some who are radicalized and then commit murder. We need to have a domestic terrorism task force that operates with the same intensity and focus as our response after 9/11.

I’m for a ban on assault weapons, high capacity magazines and bump stocks. I believe in comprehensive background checks, a waiting period before a gun purchase, a buy-back program, gun/gun owner registration, and nationwide, consistent gun laws.

If this seems like an impossible dream, consider how we’ll feel when it happens to our family. We are all connected and want the same things; peace, community, safety for our families. Please call your member of Congress and demand dramatic change.

Deborah Villas Dash



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