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I’m writing to you in regards to the immigration crisis that we are dealing with in the United States. This country was made as a sanctuary to those immigrating from their countries, looking for refuge. The great lady liberty says it herself “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free…”

Why is part of this country fighting so hard to go against her wishes? The U.S. has been doing this for over 80 years. Whether it’s turning away Jewish immigrants running from the Holocaust or Guatemalan and Salvadoran immigrants running from their civil war.

In 2018, we turned away 700 migrants from Honduras who were fleeing from gang threats and the lack of work.

George Santayana, a philosopher from Spain, said, “Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” He was quite right.

The U.S. government also tends to make those who don’t share the same ideals as them disappear. Just as they did to Emma Goldman and Alexander Berkman, who were activists for anarchy for things such as labor unions, workers rights, women's rights and access to information about birth control.

Now that undocumented immigrants are fighting for their rights the government has been conducting more ICE raids in residential and business areas.

President John F. Kennedy stated at the 50th annual Anti-Defamation League, “It is a proud privilege to be a citizen of the great republic, to hear its songs sung, to realize that we are the descendants of 40 million people who left other countries, other familiar scenes to come here to the United States to build a new life, to make a new opportunity for themselves and their children…”

Immigrants do a large part of the agricultural work in the United States. If the president were to deport all immigrants, the United States government would surely suffer and the cost of food might even rise.

In 2011 Governor Robert Bentley of Alabama signed a bill that combated illegal immigration. As a result, many undocumented workers left the state. There aren’t many workers that are willing to do the tough job of picking crops and many farmers are looking to replace the workers they lost before their crops rot.

Georgia passed a similar law and because of this, farmers lost over 40 percent of its workers and $140 million dollars worth of blueberries, melons, onions, and other crops.

It is often believed that immigrants don’t pay taxes. However, it’s been estimated that they pay $10 billion in taxes each year.

Why does the United States work so hard on deporting immigrants who are just seeking help and a better life? Why does it fear ideas that don’t match theirs or try to fight immigrants who help the economy? The U.S. is a bully that keeps repeating its mistakes from the past. When will this country learn?

Jamilet Solano

American Canyon

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