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Where are the Napa County Republicans?

Where are the Napa County Republicans?

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Where are the Napa County Republicans, including the Napa County Republican Party's Central Committee, in making a statement regarding the Trump inspired insurrection on Jan. 6, and that the election was not stolen from him?

Moreover, what is their response to the statements made by the current chair, Mark Gasster, when he responded to a letter by Chris Craiker on Jan. 10 about the attack on the U.S. Capitol ("What do Republicans have to say now?")?

Mr. Gasster stated that Mr. Craiker's letter "... is a hysterical rant, manic moment, or even the Trump Derangement Syndrome." He goes on that "It (US Capitol attack) has been whipped up by the media to frame Trump supporters as violent and out of control. I can say with certainty and from friends on the grounds that the people who broke into the Capitol building were not Trump supporters." And, "... the President never once told anyone to commit any act of violence."

The Register countered with a statement of researched information that "It should be noted that there is no evidence that outside agitators, Antifa or otherwise were leading the attack on the Capitol." Incredibly, Mr. Gasster double-downed by responding that he "stands by his statements."

By now, with even more information, the continuing investigations, and the impeachment of the president on "Incitement of Insurrection," it has become even more abundantly clear that the horrific attack on the Capitol was by Trump supporters, inflamed to treasonable behavior by the president's rhetoric. The ongoing investigations are revealing even more about the treacherous intent of some of the invaders, including kidnapping and killing members of Congress.

I asked the GOP committee for a response via their website and if they support Mr. Gasster's statements. Having received no reply, and lacking other contact information, I am writing this public letter to confront the committee and each member of the Central Committee if they stand by the statements of their chair.

What say each of you and what is the Central Committee's official position on this issue? Maybe even acknowledge that Biden's election was honest and fair. This is not a time to be silent. Or, if you are silent, should it be assumed that it means you support your Chair's statements? If so, it's RIP GOP.

John Pearson


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