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As I indicated last September, I didn’t vote in the last election for either of the leading presidential candidates. I continue to agree with the national writer who called them “the two worst choices for the Presidency in American history.”

Why don’t we have presidential candidates like we used to, such as Lincoln, Roosevelt, Truman and Reagan? It didn’t matter what party they were because they made the difficult, but right, decisions at the time for the American people. The critical phase is “for the American people.”

It seems that everyone in Washington, D.C., and I mean everyone, has forgotten why they are there -- to represent us, the American people.

And what is so difficult about shifting the focus from what we individually want to what our country needs? Isn’t that what the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights and the U.S. Constitution are all about? So why can’t every member of Congress, regardless of their party, work together for the benefit of the American people, every one of us, equally?

And let us not forget that we are a country of laws. Not just the laws we agree with, but every law that applies to us. As Thomas More once said, our laws are the only thing that protect us from the devil.

And as I watch all of the anger and violence every night on the purported national and local news, I think he had a good point. We all have to stop shouting so much and listen to each other for a change. Not necessarily agree, but at least listen.

And there is an answer to every problem. Not a perfect answer, but an answer just the same. We, and our representatives in Congress, just need to find them. Why is it so hard for them to understand?

I don’t have any answers, but I know where to start: jobs and the economy; immigration; healthcare; education; taxes.

James Verhey