I find the misunderstanding about the American Canyon middle school to be the oddest situation. The article in the Sept. 14 Napa Valley Register ("Napa school district cancels second middle school planned for American Canyon") says that numerous American Canyon residents, including two city council persons, spoke out at the meeting or were quoted saying that Measure H promised a new middle school was to be built in American Canyon.

But the article clearly says that the Measure H bond wording did not mention American Canyon, its middle school or any other cities or sites by name.

This controversy has been in the news for some time, creating tension and divisiveness because people say they voted for Measure H because they were promised a new middle school.

What I find odd is that if as the Register says the wording of the bond did not promise a new school, where is it or from whom did so many people get the promise of a new Middle School causing them to vote for the bond?

Leon Brauning


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