In response to the mountain lion controversy ("Mountain lion killing sets off controversy," Feb. 13), I must ask where is the controversy? In my opinion, a mountain lion killed a neighbors’ goat and two of the rancher’s sheep before rancher finally responded.

Now, apparently South African biologist and big game expert Quinton Martin says there is no good reason to kill this cat. I have some pretty good reasons:

1. Protection of wife and kids from deadly predator.

2. Protection of sheep, goats, cattle, dogs, cats, etc. from being eaten.

This rancher tried to inform proper authorities about the situation but got no response. In case you didn’t know, less than 10 percent of all state of California land is urbanized or developed, which leaves plenty of room for predators to hunt and live.

No rancher should be expected to herd his animals in some shelter every night for protection; that’s ridiculous. He gave the lion two sheep; that was enough. I would have shot him first night.

Rick Oxford


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