Much of the noise on the cyber airways lately is focused on assigning responsibility for the recent twin shooting horrors. Unfortunately, the focus is far off the mark.

The bulk of the attribution is to Trump, which is not surprising. As an understatement, Trump's persistent unfiltered bombast has not been the calming voice of reason from a statesman, more like gasoline on a fire. However, if we objectively try to understand the El Paso shooter's possible motivation, completely unjustified that it might be, the persistent diatribes from the far left, would also have to be included.

Among their messages is the vilification of white males, including former icons in history, no matter their positive contributions. Those who have committed perceived crimes against humanity as defined by the current politically approved moral code, are especially targeted.

Together with the embracing of ultimate egalitarianism, is the aversion to anything associated with nationalism, patriotism or affection for America as a country. Not surprising that this may help lead someone who is already drifting to further devolve into social anomie.

Surprisingly absent from the public rhetoric is any effort to hold the far left accountable for their contribution to the chaos at our borders. For years, their message has maintained no distinction between legal and illegal immigration.

This is furthered by the unstated, but implied, message of open borders and ratified by the emergence of sanctuary cities. It's really not a surprise to see the heartbreaking masses at our border traveling to escape their native countries that are run by incompetent, warring gangsters. Even here, the blame is not directed at the egregious dysfunctionality in those failed countries, but instead, somehow at the U.S.

Unfortunately, we can't seem to rely on mainstream media, the educational system, the artists who help shape our culture, or even the technologists, to make the factual distinctions that define these issues. There is a dearth of truly unbiased, fact-based information.

Are guns the problem? At the risk of offending many responsible gun owners, they're certainly part of it.

A portable, stealthy, rapid-fire device is far easiest to include in a plan for mass annihilation. While I'm not in favor of taking guns away from law-abiding citizens, in the same way citizens can't own Bazookas, .50-caliber machine guns, and tanks, ownership of military-grade weapons should be restricted. Keep them at the target ranges where people can rent them and blast away to their heart's content.

A more fool-proof vetting process for the purchase of weapons and ammunition would also help. In some cases, there has been a clear audit trail of mental imbalance prior these tragedies yet weapons have been easily and legally purchased.

Gun owners' resistance to any tighter statutory compliance has often focused on the "slippery slope" fear where any accommodation would ultimately lead to an outright ban on gun ownership. Today, this has been exacerbated by some who extol extreme opposition to the rights of individuals.

It should also be said that gun ownership is not just about firing guns, it also about collecting and appreciating them as outstanding pieces of craftmanship similar to how one might collect cars or antiques.

The U.S., however, was and is not 1930s Russia or Germany with the NKVD or Gestapo poised to put a midnight boot on the door. In many ways good citizens find a way to curb their passions for the benefit of greater good, and here, the stakes could not be any higher.

However, the notion that eliminating guns is the ultimate answer, is a fool's errand. There are many other ways to perform mass killing; cheaply built explosives with instructions easily found online, perhaps delivered by multiple drones or, after a few flying lessons, in a stolen Piper Cub, and of course, the easiest, a truck driven into a crowd. A broadly applied chemical or biological weapon is surprising only by its lack of use.

Beyond guns, the evolution of technology has been a blessing and a curse. Any individual can immediately spread a mass amount of disinformation to the entire world; and anyone with a twisted mind can immediately seek out confirmation for their distorted beliefs. This is yet another dilemma- how to curtail provocative messaging that has a direct line to violence without censoring a person's right to express themselves?

To date, these are all unresolvable quandaries that, unfortunately, can leave us less than optimistic about the future of our dear country. We've lost the cohesion that pulls us together as a unified people, we've broken apart into subgroups and tribes. We're left, right, socialist, nationalist;  nobody's an American anymore. Again, the road to anomie.

In the end, I am very sure of only this: the persons most responsible for all those heartless murders are the evil individuals who pulled the triggers.

Chris Cordera


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