The recent attack on Kanye West is nothing new for Negroes who venture outside of the mindset of the plantation. Martin Luther King, Jr. received the same reaction when he began to speak out against the Vietnam War, and as they say didn’t stay in his place.

What’s so insidious about this conversation about Kanye West is the fact that Negroes are cutting other Negroes down because of what he said and who he said it about. The whole incident reminds me of the great divide in the black community.

Black people are putting down each other because another black chooses to voice political support of a “White” man while others voice support of their “White” political positions, it’s like “my massa is better that you massa,” both are put each other down for someone else rather than uplift each other up for having the guts and integrity to utilize the freedom that came with Civil Rights, to speak one’s own mind.

Remember, it was fellow Africans who helped the slave traders capture other Africans for the slave market. And why? Because they relished the authority and what the slave traders could do for them.

It seems to be a case of black lives don’t matter to some black folk, especially if you’re not loyal to the plantation. Kanye West is now being treated like a slave who ran away from the plantation because he’s not praising their Massa.

Pastor Morris A. Curry, Jr.


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