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Why support Doris Gentry?

Why support Doris Gentry?

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Doris Gentry is the most balanced political person I know. She sits down with people on the far left, then with people on the far right.

She helps each person with sidewalk problems, homeless concerns, as well as a multitude of other issues. She is a balanced vote for Napa. She cares, sometimes too much. She is the voice we need for Napa.

Really Jill? You want to rip her title of Vice Mayor ("Rare disagreement flares at Napa City Council annual planning retreat," Jan. 16)?

And shame on you, Mary Luros, for agreeing by saying you also think this is not “fair.”

Each of you have endorsed Scott. There is no way this city will forget your double standards. You are doing this only to protect the person you endorsed. We all see this disgusting favoritism.

We can expect Scott to not want to play nice in the sandbox. He had his turn as vice mayor. He was vice mayor all of 2019, and was openly running for mayor. He openly and publicly used his title everywhere he was introduced as vice mayor. He was vice mayor, and all of Napa knew it.

But now you want to deny Doris Gentry the right to be vice mayor? It’s her turn now. All but Scott agreed to make Doris Vice Mayor. Scott had his turn.

Jill, where is fair? You said you want to be fair. This is back-stabbing, not “fair.” You hypocrites.

Doris is currently vice mayor and in November she will be mayor.

This is why I will be voting for Doris Gentry, and in passing, may I suggest you do so also?

Peter Moale


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