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Win big and keep our country

Win big and keep our country


Black lives matter.

All black lives matter.

All lives matter.

The mayor of of Portland, Ted Wheeler, one night last week, went out to be with the rioters he is letting destroy his city. Did they welcome him? No. They booed and heckled him.

Luckily, he had brought his own armed guards with him and was able to be safe.

These rioters are not interested in equality. They are not interested in helping the underprivileged. They want to destroy the government. They want anarchy. They want to defund the police because they want lawlessness. And they believe they then will have control.

It's time for us, the silent majority, to be heard.

We kneel for God.

We stand proudly for the national anthem.

Kudos to Sam Coonrod who had the belief and courage to stand, alone, during the playing of the anthem at the Giants/Dodgers game.

There are millions of us, we are the backbone of America. We are America.

We are every race and religion.

It's time to show these people they are wrong. It's time to say "Not in my backyard" -- or any backyard.

Write letters, talk to people, wear a hat or a T-shirt, fly the flag. Get on your school board, go to the rallies on the Third Street bridge on Wednesday evenings. Vote. Start now. We can all start small, but we need to start so we can win big and keep our country.

Diane Curtis-Page


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