The Winegrowers of Napa County’s livelihoods depend on a healthy ecosystem that supports everything from grapevines and woodlands to grazing lands and watersheds. Preserving and protecting sustainable agriculture for future generations is paramount in maintaining Napa’s quality of life.

Winegrowers is against Measure C because it is vague, confusing, and anti-agriculture. More importantly, there are no science-based studies or evidence on this specific measure to show that it would make any improvement to our watersheds and oak woodland areas.

Napa County’s current data-driven regulations are already highly effective at protecting our oak woodlands, watershed and hillsides. This is apparent when you drive up or down the valley and notice the extent to which Napa’s hillsides are intact. This is due to Napa’s existing Conservation Regulations that were enacted by the Board of Supervisors that address erosion, wildlife, water availability, and oak woodland protection.

Protecting Napa’s water supplies are essential to all of Napa, including sustainable winegrowing. The winegrowing community, in collaboration with local non-profits and governmental organizations, has voluntarily donated and continues to donate land, time and money to improve the health, restore habitat, reduce sediment, and maintain regulatory compliance of the Napa River.

With regard to groundwater, Napa County’s 2017 Groundwater Sustainability Annual Report indicated that Napa’s groundwater supplies are stable and in fact, improving year over year. This surplus can be attributed to strong leadership, pro-active management and the rigorous regulations already in place.

Winegrowers, and agriculture in general, share the same interests as everyone in Napa County, a healthy watershed contributing to a healthy and growing water supply. We also share the same desires of the majority of Napa County residents who want to ensure that what makes Napa special is maintained. That includes supporting regulations and thoughtful regulatory oversight which enhances the environment and protects the integrity of our agricultural history.

Measure C does not support these goals and therefore should be opposed.

Please join us and every agricultural organization in Napa County in voting No on Measure C.

Davie Piña

President, Winegrowers of Napa County

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