I was privileged to serve from October 2017 to February 2019 as the secretary of the Solano County Republican Central Committee. A former Democrat most of my life, I bailed out when I realized it was hijacked by people who were pro-socialist and convinced many others that it was a great idea.

Dr. Jordan Peterson pointed out, in an earlier video I watched recently, that people don’t have ideas, the ideas have them, along with beliefs that they are correct. They will fight anyone who disagrees because if the person disagreeing can show the other person they are wrong, it could undermine them to the point of mental instability.

Socialism is a really bad idea, but the Progressives pushing it will fight violently to oppose any criticism or evidence they are wrong in believing it is the ideal form of government.

I have followed Dinesh D’Souza for several years. I have heard him make comparisons between ideologies, including the millions of people killed in genocidal campaigns by Ghengis Khan, Stalin, Hitler, China’s Chairman Mao, and Cambodia’s Pol Pot, not to overlook 1,400 years of genocide by Islam against non-Muslims, including thousands of Christians murdered even now every year around the globe.

I found it frightening that Barack Obama was so enthralled with the Islamic cause that he handed over millions of cold cash to Iran with which Iran used to fund more terrorism and to kill our soldiers in that region.

So, I don’t get the animus and name-calling by Chris Hammaker about Republicans, Dinesh or Brandon Straka, the gay speaker (“In Memoriam: Napa County's GOP,” June 26). While Brandon, in my opinion, spent too much time on personal matters, he used that in context with how the Left tried to brainwash him directly and why he left the Democrat Party. He talked about the brainwashing techniques they used to spread lies and manipulate people, using as “facts” things that were totally false.

Dinesh talked about his arrest, conviction, and incarceration. He gave about $10,000 to a close friend of his running for a public office, not realizing that he was violating campaign funding laws. While historic facts show that such donations have occurred many times over many campaigns, no one, and I mean no one, was ever prosecuted or imprisoned. So why Dinesh?

For me, having done my own investigation about many things bad happening to this state and country, and around the world, it was apparent to me that Dinesh, an honest, highly intelligent patriot, was too outspoken against the Left for them to risk the possibility that he might run for public office. And so they went after him on this minor donation, comparatively speaking, to secure prosecution and conviction that would ensure he could never run for any public office. This is what was done to him.

“Convicted felon” says Hammaker. “Set up” by the Left to try to silence him and prevent him from public office, says me.

As for the rest of Hammaker’s comments against D’Souza, it’s all too easy to take words out of context and create an entirely false narrative about what someone said and/or meant.

As for the term “concentration camps” on the border, he defined it as any place where people are concentrated by act of law or authority, as opposed to an extermination facility. We’re not killing these migrants.

Dinesh rightly pointed out that the U.S. has laws on immigration, and the high concentrations of thousands of migrants trying to overrun our borders and enter illegally is the reason there is a high concentration of illegals being held in facilities at the border. This is the same interpretation I made on my own.

It is the fault of the hordes storming the border in violation of our laws that cause their own highly concentrated detention. No other country (except maybe Europe these last few years) has open borders, including Mexico and the countries of Central and South America, yet we Americans are supposed to have no such laws and allow anybody and everybody to waltz in and impose heavy financial burdens on us all?

We already have millions of illegals around the country, and they account for a significant portion of the violent crime and inmates in prison. Do we want more of the same? Do we have the right to take actions that make us citizens safer, like enforcing immigration laws? Yes, we do.

Illegal migrants create the “concentration” of people in detention by sheer numbers; we do not do that, they do. We do not have “concentration camps” but we have “containment” facilities for lawbreakers.

Hammaker seems to have tunnel-vision, lost in his own beliefs and angst for Republicans. I find Republicans quite likeable, and wish I’d changed sides many years ago. They seem to be the most patriotic of all. I like that.

James Lewis


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