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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all.

In these days of political insanity -- old buildings coming down, new ones going up, slapping the hands of powerful men -- I need to hear some simple words of wisdom from someone I could trust.

At times like these, I pour a cup of tea, put on a comfy robe and dig up old journals I have written. Tucked in among the pages are cards and notes sent to me years ago. I treasure these for a brief image of an old friend or words of wisdom from an elder.

I remember my grandfather as a slender, handsome, quiet man. He spoke only to distribute knowledge -- or to tell you to quiet down. He wrote this in an old “autograph book” of mine: “In the years that come and go, be a good girl, Brarbara Jo.”

Life was simple then and words were usually the truth. Here was one of my favorites: “Never eat in a house that keeps a coon dog in the kitchen – there will be dog hair in the gravy.”

Merry Christmas.

Barbara Ciapponi