I am writing with regard to your article on solar arrays in Napa County ("Two proposed Napa County solar projects would power 2,000 homes," July 12). In particular about the location at 10 Palm Drive.

The selection of this site is extremely inappropriate. This site is in a residential neighborhood. It would destroy the beauty of a very bucolic area. The heat generated by these arrays would kill birds, insects, bees and other pollinators who are all vital to the eco-climate in the area.

The proposal to remove large numbers of native oaks is reprehensible.

These are factors that affect us all in Napa County, yet the requirement is that the solar company inform people only within a very small perimeter of the project. They should be required to inform a much larger part of the community; in fact, there should be a public notice requirement in all of Napa.

If they are allowed to go through with this project, it will result in sanctioning the destruction of our microclimates and result in long term negative consequences to the agricultural base in our community. This includes the vineyards and orchards and vegetable gardens, which would all be affected.

In the Coombsville location, drainage is always an issue because of the rock base. Their project will change and compromise these patterns. The selection of this location is completely inappropriate and should not be permitted. Our community cannot allow this.

Eileen Pereira


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