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It is both a pleasure and a privilege to sing the praises of Xulio Soriano, candidate for the Area 4 seat on the Napa Valley College Board.

I have known Xulio well, and have proudly called him a friend for more than 10 years now, and have seen him put the community first time after time. He has given untold hours in service to underserved and underrepresented Napa residents, both the very young and those a little less so.

He has a unique combination of courage and kindness piled on top of a very well-developed set of critical-thinking skills. He possesses an almost peerless amount of energy and initiative, quickly identifying problems and stepping in to bring people from many different parts of the community together to explore a wide range of perspectives in pursuit of problem solving through consensus.

As such a skilled social “bridge builder,” he is well-known, well-liked, and well-respected by an uncommonly large and diverse group of local residents.

Xulio is creative and resourceful in his approach to challenges, often thinking outside the proverbial box to come up with new solutions to old problems.

Could I go on? Oh, yes I could. But in the interest of saving us all a lot of time, I will simply finish by saying that he is – in a word – amazing.

Napa Valley College will benefit immensely from Xulio's participation on its governing board. I strongly encourage all voters in Area 4 to join me in supporting this remarkable candidate with their vote on Nov. 6.

Joanne Gifford


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