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You believe in freedom or not

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As I read the title of Richard Brun’s letter to the editor, “A slow slide into Fascism” (Sept. 12), I thought his letter was going to be about the mask and vaccine mandates, and the discrimination taking place against those who refuse to comply.

As I read his admonishment regarding “what we are going to lose — if we do not stand up, stand together, and democratically and peacefully but vigorously defend against the onset of authoritarianism,” I continued to believe that medical mandates were the topic of his letter.

However, as I read further, I came to understand he was actually writing about the Supreme Court upholding a Texas law banning a woman’s right to choose whether or not to get an abortion after six weeks of pregnancy.

Referring to right-wing individuals, Mr. Bruns concluded his letter, saying that “it is dangerously significant that the same people opposing Roe v. Wade also oppose vaccinations for COVID-19 and wearing masks.” He oversimplified the issue.

I, and many people I know, support a woman’s right to choose whether or not to terminate a pregnancy, while simultaneously opposing forced masking and forced vaccination because we believe in bodily autonomy and medical freedom. Period.

I find individuals who argue for a woman’s right to choose but do not support mask and vaccine choice hypocritical. One either believes in medical freedom and bodily autonomy or not. It’s that simple.

Shellie Rice


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