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You have been fooled

You have been fooled

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Mr. Cohea, no one is more blind and deaf than a Donald Trump supporter (“Keep seeing what ya wanna see,” Dec. 19). They are totally blind to this man’s chicanery and deaf to his lies.

I was going to let this slide until last Saturday’s disgraceful, supercilious, outrageous, possibly unlawful embarrassment on the office of the president of the United States by the current holder of that office. In an extraordinary abuse of power, Donald Trump tried to intimidate, bully and influence Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to commit voter fraud by “finding 11,780 votes” that would negate a lawful and honest election by the people of that state. Georgia’s attorney general is contemplating bringing charges against the president for violations of Georgia state law. I hope she does.

This is more egregious than Richard Nixon’s Watergate. Mitch McConnell and the senate leadership should already have marched to the oval office and told Donald Trump to resign.

In these last days, Trump has surrounded himself with sycophants who are feeding him debunked conspiracy theories and just plain lies that he continues to spread on the Twitterverse. His support base is eating it up like popcorn. They are supporting Trump’s efforts to destroy our Democracy, and they will not see it. Mark Twain is quoted as saying “It is easier to fool a person than it is to convince them they have been fooled.”

You — and they — have been fooled. The emperor has no clothes.

Martha Wise


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