Napa Valley Fishing Report: Bringing the fight for conservationism close to home
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Napa Valley Fishing Report: Bringing the fight for conservationism close to home


Dear Band Of Brothers… and Sisters. I’m delighted to report that you continue to rally around the fight to save Alaska’s pristine Bristol Bay from the Pebble Mine proposal. Latest to step up from Napa Valley are Richard Seiferheld and my old friend Kevin Twohey. All those who care to join us can do so by going online to for the whole story—and click “Donate” to help out.

I was asked a good question on this subject recently: “Why are you so interested in a place so far away?” Bristol Bay may be far away, but the issue is as close as Lake Berryessa, for example. Think about waking up some morning to find that a bunch of bad guys are planning to put a mine on the ridge over the Putah Creek arm of Berryessa. One flood or other extreme weather event could overpower that mine and pollute Berryessa overnight—and forever. Let’s stay vigilant.

Let’s Make A Pivot Here… to help save our own Delta, too. California has screwed up the proper use of our Delta waters right from the start—by sending it down south to those fake Wall Street farmers at a discount. So, they never valued it—or tried to conserve it. They just poured it on their fields and orchards regardless of any idea of the needs of those crops. I watched them just pull a board out of the channel and fill the orchard with water.

Now, Trump and a bunch of new bad guys are scheming to get a lot more cheap water shipped down to them without much oversight or control. That could change our Delta permanently—de-watered, unable to hold essential fish and other aquatic critters; unable to irrigate farms that our neighbors have in the area. And, taking away our enjoyment of swimming and fishing in the Delta. Want to add in lowering San Francisco Bay? Who wants to be in the saddle when our lifeline ships from around the world can’t come to us anymore?

Remember It Is Our Delta… our water. We need our Governor and our Senators and Representatives to protect our birthrights. So, I’m asking you to join me and others in asking our political leaders to stand up for us and our rights. “Restore The Delta” is the place to keep abreast of this major issue. Use it to ask Barbara ( to send you her regular news updates.

They will give you the talking points that can help us get stronger legislative support.

Here are the links to the key players: State Senator Bill Dodd (, Assemblymember Ceciliar Aguiar-Curry (, Rep. Mike Thompson (, Gavin Newsom (

Go ahead and contact them; teach your kids to speak out on subjects that are important to them. I’ve been a political junkie ever since I was 15 and every politician has told me that they want to hear from their constituents.

Soaking Rain… not flooding rain. We have had plenty of useful rainfall this season. Rain has soaked in—not flooded us out . Continue that for a couple more rainy weather months and we’ll see full lakes and streams—full of fish.

Case in point: I monitor the Sulphur Creek up here in St Helena near Pope Street most days. It is flowing well—probably within its original banks. Color has ranged from gin clear to chicken stock cloudy—and back to clear by Monday. This tells me that we had plenty of rain in the watershed that is still percolating down thru the soil to feeders that create Sulphur Creek—without any major problems.

Here’s A Provocative Question… In Don Muelrath’s latest “Fly Fishing Adventure” he listed, in order of importance, the best times to fish the finest fly fishing destinations on the globe.

They are:

1. January—March

2. April—June

3. July—September

4. October—December

Email Fly Fishing Adventures ( and ask Don to send you this latest update. Then click on “to view the complete newsletter—CLICK HERE.”

The good news here is that the outfitter for your trip of a lifetime is right here in Napa so you can get the straight scoop eyeball-to-eyeball.

In The Salt… The Monday Hot Sheet told us that the rockfish season is set to close on Dec. 31. The weather was poor this past weekend keeping the boats mostly tied up. But, with the hope that the crab action will stay good, you still have time to book a crab or rockfish trip in December for a big bag of fresh ocean protein for your traditional New Year’s Eve bash.

Inside San Pablo Bay where the waters are still fishable, even with some tough weather, is the place to be right now for sturgeon action close by. They are slamming frozen ghost shrimp up near the Pumphouse and in the Sonoma Creek area.

Well, that’s A -30- For 2019... Thanks a lot for spending the past 51 weeks on page four of the Napa valley Register with me. We all appreciate your interest and support. Happy Holidays—and Tight Lines!

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