Napa Valley Fishing Report: Join the fight to stop Pebble Mine
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Napa Valley Fishing Report: Join the fight to stop Pebble Mine


As Promised… here are some more thoughts on the evils of the proposed Pebble Mine on Alaska’s famous Bristol Bay. Remember, more than half of the world’s supply of sockeye salmon comes from Bristol Bay.

Listen to local angler Tor Kenward on this vital subject: “With all the battles we are fighting at home, it is easy to forget, but stopping the Pebble Mine is critical. It is the biggest and most important salmon run left. Alaska’s future as we know it depends on that run. For fishermen, it is the last great stand for the sockeye, and we all know everything this run touches depends on it for life. The corporation says they will protect the headlands, but history is very clear, the odds are horrible, and once polluted, we can never go back to where we are now.”

Join the fight. Ask our own Congressman, Mike Thompson (a hunter and an angler), to keep the heat on denying the Pebble Mine permit. Just a week ago in a Congressional Oversight Committee hearing on Pebble Mine, Chairman Peter DeFazio (D-Oregon) stated “right from the start, that the Pebble Mine proposal is a bad idea made even worse by the sham review process currently underway.”

DeFazio held this hearing, in part, because of his “deep disappointment with the Corps of Engineers on their track record of review for this project to date. If the Corps continues its current path to rush approval of this project, I believe this will be a stain on the reputation of this proud institution, which continues to serve as our Nation’s premier water resources agency.”

Guess who is pushing this “sham review process?” He lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C.

Let’s Pack The Room For Napa Wildlife Rescue… on Saturday, Nov. 9. Join me for their “Living Well With Wildlife” symposium from noon to 4 p.m. in the multi-purpose room at the St. Helena Campus of Napa Valley College, 1088 College Ave. It’s free and open to all. For more information, email

Bring a car full of kids. What a neat chance to get them involved in their own outdoors – forever. Just look at the presentation subjects:

*Cats and Wildlife

*Barn Owls as Pest Control (my favorite)

*Native Plan Gardens for Wildlife

*Humane Wildlife Exclusion

*Predation Prevention

Bodega Bay… is one of our key saltwater fishing centers. We have noted action from there and kept you updated on their fishing fleet for years. So, it is sad to read this in the Monday Hot Sheet, “Bodega Bay was evacuated on Sunday… steady stream of traffic along Bodega Highway leaving the town of Bodega Bay.”

Stay strong B.B. We’ll be looking for your reports on the new Dungeness crab season that starts tomorrow.

Same To You, Delta… Boats stayed home because of the fierce wind gusts that fanned a massive fire Sunday near the Carquinez Bridge. We’ll be anxious to hear more about what seems to be a hot start of the sturgeon season. The Monday Hot Sheet told us about a six-pack that scored six limits of sturgeon on Saturday by 11:30 a.m. The key is to match up the right tide with areas that have less grass.

Captain Zach Medinas of Gatecrasher Fishing Adventures (925-497-7171) told us that “getting out of the grass is key.” Most of his fish have come from depths of less than 25 feet and that their own cured roe was the bait that worked.

And, At Clear Lake… A TOC was shortened by the high and dangerous winds there. Last weekend, the Wild West Bass Trails held their Tournament of Champions – and the weather conditions caused them to shorten the event to just one day. The winning team of Luke Diener and Jeb Bunker scratched out a win with 38.43 pounds of bass – just 0.47 pound more than second-place finishers Jason Remmers and Alex Niapas.


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