Ray Sisemore

Ray Sisemore holds up the 24-inch lahontan cutthroat trout he caught at Nevada’s famous Pyramid Lake that went close to 8 pounds.

Ray Sisemore… went big-fish hunting on Pyramid Lake, and look what happened. Ray and his fishing partner caught three big lahontan cutthroat trout each for the two-day trip. The limit is two per rod per day, but big winds kept them off their favorite spot on Friday. So they got only one each that day.

These are big, strong, smart fish, so Ray trolled them up with a flat fish lure at 90 feet water depth. These big brutes are close by, when you combine angling with a stop for a show in one of Reno’s casinos. But don’t go untrained – or without a pro guide, who can make the day for you.

Lake Berryessa… is now at 432 feet above mean sea level, 8 feet below the Glory Hole spillway. Thanks to Peter Kilkus, the main man at The Berryessa News, for this update. Last year at this time the lake level was 16 feet below the Glory Hole and in 2017 it was 9 feet below the spillway.

It’s nice that it is the highest it has been in three years, and just in time for the fall lake “turnover.” The ace field scouts at Sweeney’s Sports on Imola (255-5544) tell me it usually happens between Halloween and Thanksgiving. This event evens out the temperature up and down a winder band of the water column. As it causes more fish to use the winder band, they come in range of more of your lures and baits. Today, I learned that the trout there were up in the 35 foot range – whereas last week they were down in the 50s.

Napa River… is still giving up a bunch of small stripers to bankies using cut bait – or better yet, big live shiners. With this lovely stable weather, you still have time to take the kids striper fishing off the bank right here at home. Bring a thermos of hot chocolate and a box of Butter Cream Bakery donuts for an extra dividend.

As The World Turns… was an old P&G TV soap opera years ago. But, as the world turns, so do the seasons. There is no better example of that right here than to see those first gully-washer rains send some brown water down to the Napa River. That’s the sturgeon’s dinner bell. They know that brown water will wash down some little brown critters that had spent the dry season hiding in the mud. Ace field scout Tom Dudenhoeffer at Sweeney’s said he heard that there are some “scout” sturgeon in the river checking things out. Time to get ready for sturgeon season.

Bodega Bay… recap, thanks to the Monday Hot Sheet. Captain Rick Powers at Bodega Bay Sport Fishing (875-3344) said “the line cod bite has been off the charts as both the lings and dinosaur rockfish are snapping.” He went on to say that he put his 27 Saturday clients on to 27 limits of rocks and 27 limits of lings to 22 pounds. The end of day results were “guys went off the boat with 50- to 60-pound sacks of fish.” Cue the neighborhood BBQ and clean out the freezer.

And, on the long fin front, Second Captain Merlin Kolb at Reel Magic Sport Fishing (875-2628) ran 46 miles out on his 35-foot catamaran to score eight albacore to 23 pounds.

On Nov. 2, the combo trips will also target Dungeness crab for the first day of the season. It’s not too early to make yourself some reservations. Thanksgiving crab feasts will be here before you know it.

Last Week… I promised you a link to a site where you can protest that Pebble Mine proposal on Alaska’s pristine Bristol Bay. Here it is: savebristolbay.org – click on “take action.” Just a reminder, Bristol Bay produces 59% of the world’s supply of sockeye salmon – more than any other place or country in the world. It’s up to us to protect it, forever.

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