Right Here In Town… a solid Napa River striper bite for both bankies and trollers. The river is full of fish and should stay that way till the rainy season browns it up.

One of my favorite field scouts, Jose Rubio at Sweeney’s Sports (255-5544), gave me the inside scoop. Bring your kids to fish from the bank for many shakers, using frozen cut bait. Remember the legal size for keeping stripers is 18 inches and above.

Anglers looking for the bigger ones are trolling deep divers at 14.5 feet down in the sloughs south of the Highway 29 bridge. That depth is as close to the bottom as you’ll need to get. Leave the treble belly hook on – but switch over to a single tail hook – and add a sparkling straight worm to the end. Fine-tune your attack by stopping in at Sweeney’s on Imola for the latest information.

Not A Day Later… Napa angler Steve Orndorf sent me a photo of a brace of striped bass. He and fishing partner Kirk Candland caught, at exactly the same time, twin stripers weighing 7 pounds, 4 ounces each. They scored these fish on bucktail jigs and released them right after the photo shoot.

More Local Stuff… Lake Berryessa is still fishing well for bass and kokanee right close to home. So, even if your kids are back to school, you can get them into the action close by. I’d call T-Roy’s Guide Service at 372-7599 for a koke trip. Call Don Paganelli at 916-502-FISH to arrange a bass trip.

Remember, there are three black bass species in Berryessa – largemouth, smallmouth and spots. With the water temperature still above 80 degrees, according to the Lake Berryessa News, rig for some early morning top water action – and throw a white frog into the tules right after lunch. Score an IGFA Bass Grand Slam membership by catching each of these in a 24-hour period. Take a picture of them and tell me you need the IGFA bass Grand Slam application. Better still, go online to bit.ly/2k5yghE and get your own application.

Also Close By… Clear Lake is Bassmaster’s “4th Best Bass Lake in America” out of their 2019 Top 100. Stan Press and I sampled the action with pro guide Bob Myskey (349-4460) earlier this week. Let me tease you to read my the Sept. 13 Napa Valley Register fishing report about the personal-best largemouth bass I caught and released Wednesday.

Napa Valley’s Pro Fly Fishing Team… has been active around the world this season. Our latest “hook-up” is catching up with Steve and Kate Spadarotto’s trip on Montana’s Madison River. Fishing out of the Madison Valley Ranch near Ennis, they caught big fish on dry flies – the best of fly fishing right up on the surface for thrills you won’t believe. Steve’s big brown trout came on a grasshopper imitation the guides call l (ahem) “Panty Dropper.” Kate fooled her nice rainbow with a similar dry fly. It’s that time of year – big bugs, big trout. Check out the Madison Valley Ranch at madisonvalleyranch.com.

We All Brag… about our lovely little Napa Valley, how special we are. But it is the specific actions of voluntary hometown groups that spell it out for the world to see. My favorite Napa County team is the Napa Wildlife Rescue Center (napawildliferescue.org/about), which “… possess and provide temporary care for sick, orphaned, or injured California wildlife …”

But that only tells half the story. The whole team is dedicated to, and passionate about, rehabbing and releasing sick, orphaned or injured animals that have been brought to them. I had the privilege of seeing them in action and feeling their resolve to send their charges back out into the world ready to survive.

Please join me in sending them an annual contribution. There are a couple of ways this can be done. First, a straight contribution using the “Donate” button on their website. Second, buy a Barn Owl Box from them (napawildliferescue.org/bomp). Your box fee revenues cycle back into funding for the Center – a win-win.

Barn owls can be the best way to control and eliminate rodents without using dangerous chemicals. A barn owl family can eat from 1,000 to 3,000 rodents a year. Barn owls mate for life and have one or two kids a year. Attract them with your own Barn Owl Box and rest easy.

And back up those contributions by volunteering to help at the Center. Click on “click here for more information.” Thanks a lot.

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