Get It Right… for Napa River stripers. There are lots of stripers on tap in your river. But you’ll need to get your bait out from the bank and deep because the fish are following baitfish deep in the flows near the middle of the river. Here’s the perfect example of when and how to use the good advice from bait and tackle stores like Sweeney’s Sports (255-5544) on Imola.

Jose Rubio at Sweeney’s told us too many anglers are going out with light rigs under bobbers, and coming up empty. He said anchovies under a Carolina rig system with a weight up about 2 feet from the bait will get you out, and down where the fish are. He’ll be glad to show you what you need, and how to rig it.

These cool, partly cloudy mornings are perfect for some family fishing off the bank. Ask the Sweeney’s team for some suggestions for best spots. Get some donuts and chocolate milk, slather up with sunblock, and go have some fun with your kids. By the way, we won’t be sending anymore brown water down to you from up here at Sulphur Creek. I just walked over it this morning and proclaim that it has finally stopped running – latest date that I have seen for the past five years.

Also Close To Home… on Lake Berryessa. Sweeney’s field scouts tell me that you can troll for kokes and trout in in the 30- to 35-foot band right now. Probably because the weather hasn’t been scorching – yet. It’s good to experiment with different depths to pick the one that produces.

Alan Fong out of Sacramento’s Fishermen’s Warehouse got into an excellent top-water bass bite with buzz baits. He said, “You have to reel it in very fast in the shallows from 2 to 5 feet.”

Please fish early here in the hot weather. The wind comes up fiercely by 2 p.m. We always plan to be off the water by then in the summer season.

Right Here In St. Helena… I met sisters Carrera and Eden Castle. We ate some cookies and talked about fishing as they were preparing for the 50th annual George Carl Kids’ Fishing Derby. They fished that event and were awarded their participation certificates. Here is Eden with some of her catch. Stay tuned for more – later.

And In The Salt… St. Helena anglers Kelly Sprott, Jeff Maxfield, Brent Randol, Alec Fetzer, Tom Hoppe and Pat Fetzer limited out on king salmon up to 20 pounds. They were on the June 24 run of the Sundance off of Pacifica. A picture like this can emphasize the hot salmon bite we have all around us. Six limits on a six-pack – my kind of fishing. You can book a Sundance trip at 925-323-1928. The neighbors will know that you were successful when the see that your BBQ is red hot, even before they see you drive up.

More On Salmon… Dave Hurley’s Monday Hot Sheet said, “the Sonoma Coast remains Ground Zero for fishing in California.” He went on to give us this total fish tally from the New Sea Angler’s (875-3344) Sunday run: 32 limits of salmon to 21 pounds, 32 rockfish limits and 11 ling cod. And, the total is 395 fresh hunks of tasty protein.

In The Bays… flatties rule. The marvelous 2019 halibut bite remains outstanding. Book a combo trip to include stripers for a non-stop bite on the rockpiles.

California Delta Summertime… means more recreational boats there than you’ll see all the rest of the year. Many are operated by new boaters who haven’t had the seasoning at the helm to be able to use the water and let others do it, too. Add the traditional hot weather chimney effect that creates strong winds over the main channels, and it’s time to keep an eye out for danger spots.

No, don’t shy away from this major local fish source – just be careful out there. The Hot Sheet says it’s time to fish the slower-moving San Joaquin side of the Delta. What’s on tap? Smallmouth bass in the rocky structure on live minnows drop shot rigs or deep diving crank baits. Stripers will fall for garlic sprayed sardines or pile worms. Bring your stinkiest baits for some happy bank fishing for big catfish.

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