Max K

Max K had this 8.5-pound largemouth bass as the kicker fish for his 25-pound Clear Lake bag.

Spring Came Officially… yesterday. Thanks, Winter, for our record rainfalls and snow packs. They will ensure a wonderful fishing season for all of us. High river flows make those big wild rainbows in the Sac bite faster and hang on harder. Full lakes like Clear Lake give bass more room to spawn, which gives new fish more places to hide and grow strong before venturing out. More water is fresher and cleaner water, for all of us.

We’re going to concentrate on bassing at Clear Lake in April and June with my pro guide, Bob Myskey (349-4460). These are his busiest times of the year, so call him early. Don’t be afraid to book other guides that he recommends. I have fished with two of them without missing a beat.

Max K rushed the season on Clear Lake Tuesday. His top five largemouth bass went 25 pounds; his big one was 8.5 pounds. Those are warm weather, tournament-winning numbers. His guide, Bob Myskey said Max was successful with an A rig, Ned rig and the LV 500. They even got him some crappie to 2.25 pounds, too.

We’ll be on the Sac at Redding for four days in May. The rainbows there are wild and resident. They like that icy, cold water that flows out of Shasta. The faster, the better. Rapid water movement concentrates the fish into defined channels, making it easier for the guide to find and target them for his clients.

Last year, those high flows helped us catch and release 119 wild rainbows in four May trips. Kevin Brock has been my river guide for 25 years. He is the best guide on the river and busy year-round. Give him a ring quickly at 800-995-5543 before he gets totally booked for May.

$412,000 Berryessa Mussel Prevention Grant… The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation is sending us this big bag of bucks to help with Berryessa’s Mussel Prevention Program. In its sixth year, this program is designed to prevent an infestation of Zebra and Quagga mussels. These highly invasive critters scour the lake bottom, scarfing up everything that normally feeds native fish.

Boats regularly going from one body of water to another can spread these mussels quickly. A key preventive system at Berryessa consists of a boat decontamination station, watercraft seal system with on-site staff and services. Look for those to be expanded and enhanced with this new grant.

Boaters – comply, comply, comply. It is easy to be sure your boat is not a mussel carrier (thanks to the Register staff for this update).

Save Arctic Caribou… In last week’s report, I told you about the importance of this 19 million-acre preserve in northeastern Alaska. Bad guys led by Trump want to sell oil and gas leases that will surely devastate the refuge, threatening wilderness and wildlife. Please go online at bit.ly/2HKmBy7 to register your opposition to these negative actions. Thanks, Wayne Ryan (no relation) for this heads-up.

Angler Wins Prestigious Award… No, this is not a bass tournament announcement. It is the latest culinary news from San Francisco. The James Beard Foundation has named the semifinalists in its 2019 Restaurant and Chef awards, and Angler Restaurant stands alone as the best new restaurant in San Francisco.

Dick’s Sporting Goods… is my hero company because they have sharply curtailed the sale of guns and ammunition in their hundreds of stores. And they are planning to do more. In support of their leadership effort, I bought an outdoor jacket that goes fishing with me every time.

Go online at dickssportinggoods.com/s/stores to find the five stores that are close by. Say “Thanks, Dick” for contributing to gun safety – even at a loss of sales and profits.

New Day A’Dawning… right in Napa. I marched into our local Comcast store on Wednesday and met its service person, Ventura Vega. It was a perfect session. Ventura is experienced, complete, and checked off the “customer service” box perfectly. He fixed my problem, noting some updates that will not only help me get better service but also lower my monthly charge a bit. I’m calling Comcast to book an appointment with Ventura Vega next time I need service. At the risk of clogging up his line, I hope you will get on his team, too.

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