Brent Randol

The early fog is still low on the bridge as St. Helena's Brent Randol displays his king salmon limits fishing on the Big C last Friday.

Brent Randol… is my fishing hero from St. Helena. Here he is again, this time with his king salmon limits from Stinson Beach. He was fishing on the Big C on July 12 when they hit salmon limits all around in just 45 minutes of fishing.

The Big C started its life in the salt in Maine, where it earned its chops as a lobster boat. Next up was a careful road trip to California, where it was re-fitted as a six-pack.

It is big enough to give anglers plenty of room to fish, but small enough to make it their boat for the day. And, the Captain does all of the work. Call them at Big C’s Charters in Sausalito at 415-717-8225 and show me some big fish that can beat Brent’s.

Winds, Swells and Jellyfish… can’t keep the king salmon from their epic 2019 bite up and down the region. In fact, there was clear evidence that salmon are now biting south of the Golden Gate, spreading out the action and giving more anglers a close-in shot.

Meanwhile… “The bays remain on fire” caught my eye in Dave Hurley’s Monday Hot Sheet. Listen to this combo trip total on the California Dawn: 102 keeper halibut and bass with some large halibut up to 25 pounds and 60 stripers in the mix. Bookings at 510-417-5557.

Delta Frog Derbies… are right around the corner. The two biggest are staged out of Russo’s Marina on Bethel Island. First up is the Ultimate Frog Challenge on July 28-29, and then the Snag Proof Open Aug. 3-4.

The Frog Proof event captures my interest because Frog Proof specifies the frog patterns that the contestants can use.

This puts more of the reason for success right on the anglers. No lure choice advantage, just skill (and luck).

My How Time Flies… It is river salmon season again. Good news: the daily limit is back to two this year. Here are the short strokes for you from fishincalifornia.com: “Daily limit of two fish per day and a possession limit of four fish. On the American and Feather rivers, the general season opener is July 16. On the Sacramento River, from below Deschutes Road Bridge to the Red Bluff Diversion Dam, the season opens Aug. 1 and closes Dec. 16.

From below the Red Bluff Diversion Dam to the Carquinez Bridge, the season opens July 16 and closes Dec. 16. Chinook Salmon fishing opportunity was expanded on the Mokelumne and Feather rivers.

On the Feather, the season change will extend fishing opportunity by additional two weeks. On the Mokelumne, almost 10 miles of additional habitat is open to salmon fishing.”

You can find many good guides who will take you river salmon fishing, but I have had 26 years of river fishing with Kevin Brock (800-995-5543).

He is a real pro in every aspect of river fishing. Here are just a few highlights of those 26 years: He put me onto a 45-pound king salmon on the Feather; I watched Stan Press boat a 20-pound wild Smith River steelhead with Kevin on the net; and Doug Roberts and I limited out on salmon at Woodson Bridge with Kevin and were back at the dock at 8:45 a.m.

It All Started In 2002... when I began to write “Fishing Is My Day Job” for the St. Helena Star. Every year I have had a “Be Careful Out There” note to warn readers of some hazards outdoors. This set includes two killers, so I hope I catch your attention and get you thinking about “Being Careful Out There.”

*Summertime Rattlesnake Encounters. Rattlers travel in the morning to get out in the sun and later in the day to get back home before it gets too cold for them. Rattlers do not lay in wait to bite people.

They don’t chase people. Leave them alone, and they will leave you alone. These three actions cause a majority of the bites: some curious kid picks up a “cute” snake; you put your hands in a place where you cannot see; you put your foot in a place where you cannot see.

Moms and Dads please help your kids to say no to these three dangerous acts.

*E. Coli Infection. Kids, there is a good reason that Mom puts a little bottle of hand sanitizer in your boat lunch kit. Experts tell me that 40% of E. Coli infections happen because of dirty hands. E. Coli kills.

So, after you pee and before lunch, squirt a splash of an alcohol-based hand sanitizer on both hands and rub them together before opening that ham sandwich. Moms, the key word here is “alcohol-based.” I just bought two bottles to go in my boat lunch kit and glove compartment.

The first thing I did in selecting them was to turn them over to see “Active ingredient – ethyl alcohol 70%.”

This is a place where spending less than two bucks can save a life. Please join me.

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