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Mammoth Lakes Area Trout Bonanza… Napa angler and loyal reader Steve Orndorf passed on this story of his annual fall trek to the Mammoth Lakes region to fish for trout with his good friends, Ken Goltara and Dennis Eid.

Combined, these intrepid anglers caught five different members of the trout family: cutthroats, browns, rainbows, brooks and goldens. This is a marvelous way to check some key boxes in your outdoor chronicle – for happy memories – even years later.

OK, trout experts, see if you can identify each of the trout pictured at the right – and make another check on your outdoor box.

Lake Berryessa News … ”Lake Berryessa Is In The News!” Thanks to Peter Kilkus, the head man at the Lake Berryessa News (, we learn that some odd websites out there making the lake’s famed “glory hole” (emergency overflow device) a worldwide point of interest. Click for a sample provided by Peter.

Bodega Bay’s Saturday Crab Opener… saw good weather and crab limits all around on a day of good weather. Here’s a good example from Captain Rick Powers on the New Sea Angler (875-3344): He put 50 clients onto 50 limits of Dungeness crab to go with 50 rockfish limits and 29 ling cod. That is a tasty total of 1,029 fresh local fish to eat.

Reports of crab fishing success came in from all sectors and both party and private boats. Private boaters, gotta be careful on the coast where a sneak wind event can make you wish you were at home watching TV. No catch is worth risking your life for.

Looking For Some Quieter Weather?… Keith Fraser at Loch Lomond Bait and Tackle in San Rafael (415-456-0321) told the Monday Hot Sheet“ … there are lots of striped bass in the bay, and Red Rock, Paradise and the Pumphouse are top locations.” Keith said they had good supplies of live bait from grass shrimp to ghost shrimp, mud suckers, pile worms, bullheads and plenty of frozen baits, too.

California Delta… is where to go for sturgeon right now. When the wind will let you, hunt them at the Pumphouse west of the Pittsburg PGE plant, and from Buoy 31 to Chain Island. When you can work into your boat location plan, gotta try the Mothball fleet, too.

And, don’t forget Delta largemouth bass. Dan Mathisen out of Dan’s Delta Outdoors in Oakley (925-234-4694) reported catching and releasing 22 keeper-size bass to 21 inches on Optimum’s Bad Bubba or top water Zara Spooks (thanks to the Monday Hot Sheet for some key updates here).

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