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Nvusd- Office Of Magnet/Charter Schools


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Last Updated: September 17, 2018


About Nvusd- Office Of Magnet/Charter Schools

Magnet Schools

Magnet schools focus on themes of interest and develop student talents. Children learn core academic subjects in stimulating and inspiring environments designed to bring together students of diverse ethnic backgrounds.

A magnet school is a public school with the same governance structure as a District school. Magnet schools follow District laws and regulations. Administrators and teachers are highly qualified to supervise and instruct specialized theme-based curriculum and hold required state certifications. 


Charter Schools

Charter school is a public elementary or secondary school that has the following characteristics:

  • it has been granted a charter within the rules of the state in which it exists, usually by the state legislature, or another designated authority
  • it is either created new or transformed from a pre-existing public or private school
  • it may be run by a regular school district, as well as by a chartering organization or a state education agency
  • its governance may be a a group or organization, including, for example, a collection of educators, a university, or a corporation
  • it is granted more authority than other public schools, but has accountability standards directly related to its mission and written into its standards
  • its charter is periodically reviewed and may be revoked
  • like magnet and private schools, charter schools can have themes, carry out particular educational philosophies, or serve particular populations


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