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Family Footcare Specialist




About Family Footcare Specialist

Dr. Katrina Di Pasqua is a native New Yorker. When she went to open her practice in 1992, she could have gone anywhere, she chose the beautiful Napa Valley where she lives with her husband and raised her two children. She is on staff at Queen of the Valley Medical Center and is the podiatrist at Vine Village and many of the nursing homes in the Bay Area. If you or anyone you know suffers from foot pain or discomfort – please call for a consult today.


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Clear Toe Laser

Clear Toe Laser is a safe, comfortable, non-toxic, and effective treatment of nail fungus. The Sciton laser used in Dr. Di Pasqua’s office is FDA approved and the same laser used by the Standford Medical Center. A major advantage of using the laser is that you are able to get the curing power of 3 months of oral medication in just one 20 minute session.

The laser works by creating heat in the nail and nail root. The heat kills the fungus so it cannot multiply. The nail then grows out healthy and clear. With the temperature control system on the laser, it can create a temperature hot enough to kill the fungus, but not hot enough to cause discomfort. There is no pain during the procedure and no anesthetic is needed.

Considering that it is new technology, laser treatment of toenail fungus is not covered by health insurance. Treatment of all 10 toenails is necessary to absolve all living fungus. The fee for treatment is $1200. This does not include the first visit or lab testing (which is usually covered by insurance).

After your treatment we then see you every 3 months for 3 more free visits to follow your progress. After the 4 visits, any follow up laser treatments are $100 for all 10 toes.  We recommend a treatment at least once a year.

Family Footcare Specialist

2017 Jefferson Street • Napa, CA 94559



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