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Tarla Mediterranean Grill


1480 1st Street
Napa, CA 94558
Last Updated: February 13, 2019




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Other Information

Tarla Mediterranean Grill

Tarla Mediterranean Grill A budding new restaurant, Tarla Grill, situated in Napa, holds its own in the culinary epicenter and awaits to satisfy both those with distinguishable appetites and just about anyone who can appreciate good food when they taste it. At Tarla Grill, one will be given the opportunity to enjoy a meal with the assurance that not only does this Mediterranean restaurant offer straightforward, consistently satiating fare, but is also a conscientious restaurant that patronizes local produce vendors. Today, people want to both relish their meal and know where the ingredients are coming from, and here, at Tarla Grill, we operate under the frame of mind that, as a restaurant, we stand behind the culinary dishes we create, and in addition, take serious our responsibility in ensuring the origins of our ingredients are organic and promote local sustainability.

Tarla Mediterranean Grill

Today people want to both relish their meal and know where the ingredients are coming from. At Tarla Grill, we stand behind the culinary dishes we create. We take our responsibility of ensuring the origins of our ingredients seriously and pride ourselves on using local, seasonal and organic fare whenever possible.

Tarla Mediterranean Grill

Tarla, meaning “field” in Turkish, impels the fertile expanse of earth that can provide for the people around it. True to our namesake, the Tarla Grill aims to yield nourishing, creative, and culturally exciting eats originating from Turkey and Greece, lands heralded for their cuisine and a culture that takes pride in the relationship between mankind and the land! Check out our Menus!


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