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With Father's Day closing in, we wondered which TV dad most closely resembles your own. Take our quiz, and think about how your dad reacts, or would have reacted, to such situations.

A story about a 1966 auto race in Napa that ran in the Napa Register on March 12 contained an error. The camera that John Rodman used to film …

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Ramona enters third grade with trepidation: Her father has gone back to school, her mother is working full time and she must spend her afternoons at a neighbor’s house.

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Part of Cleary’s popular Ramona Quimby series, this Newbery Honor Book depicts 7-year-old Ramona dealing with her father’s job loss and its effects on the Quimby family.

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At the top of a list of Zimmer’s best work is “Interstellar,” the most emotionally rich soundtrack he has ever composed. As the story goes, he was given just a single page from director Christopher Nolan with the story of a father leaving his child for work. That’s what “Interstellar’s” score is built around and why it’s so effective.

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