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This super simple corn casserole recipe from @cheftimclowers is creamy, fluffy, and delicious. It’s a classic holiday recipe that’s sure to inspire some nostalgia around the Thanksgiving table. It’s large enough to serve a big group, but there probably won’t be any leftovers.

This super addictive viral recipe for “crack” white chicken chili that TikTok user @erikalaroy makes takes very little hands-on prep and cooks to perfection in a crockpot. It’s the ultimate easy weeknight family meal for fall. You’ll have plenty of leftovers to enjoy throughout the week.

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You know that tasty tomato sauce you made a while ago? Its leftovers are now sitting in the fridge, and you can’t quite tell if that smell means it’s still good or not. This would never happen in a restaurant — and for good reason. All ingredients are promptly labeled, making it easy for anyone to see what’s still fresh and what’s past its prime. Get in the habit of writing the contents of your leftovers on masking tape with a permanent marker and include the date. It’s a fast and cheap way to keep your fridge clean.

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Mexicans get the Christmas festivities going on Dec. 24, according to Pablo Carmona and Josh Kremer, co-owners of Paradero Hotels, which is opening a location in Todos Santos, on the country's west coast.

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Turkey Bolognese isn’t a classic Bolognese, but it does deliver the rich, meaty flavor of a sauce that’s simmered all day — and it’s much more economical for feeding a hungry family. 

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Poor Brussels sprouts have developed a bit of a bad rap over the years. But when prepared correctly, Brussels sprouts can be a spectacular side worthy of a spot in your Thanksgiving spread. How Long Are Thanksgiving Leftovers Good?

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Jess Lander and her husband moved accommodations four times during the latest fire evacuations, and aside from “wWhere are we going to sleep tonight?” the big question of each day, since they were suddenly living without a kitchen, was “What are we going to eat?”

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Grains such as couscous and quinoa, which can be eaten at room temperature, are a blank palette for vegetables, nuts, herbs or anything your kids like. You could make a grain salad for dinner and plan to have the kids take leftovers to school the next day.

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