Over the years, Napa’s Krider Racing has had great success in a lot of different makes and models of cars.

The family has traveled at over 180 miles an hour in Corvettes, raced sun-up to sun-down in Nissans at the 25 Hours of Thunderhill, and even destroyed a Chrysler Cordoba at the Napa Fair Demolition Derby.

Recently, the Kriders have been exclusively in Honda/Acura products and enjoyed solid success in two completely different racing series.

Randy Krider, driving a 1989 Honda Civic Si in the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) autocross series, is leading the points in the STS class. He just finished his last event in first place at Crows Landing.

Rob Krider, driving a 1993 Acura Integra in the National Auto Sport Association (NASA) Honda Challenge series, is the current Western States Champion. He just finished his last event in second place at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana.

Jim Krider, their proud father, said the combination of Krider Racing and Hondas has always made for great success.

“Hondas are well engineered, easy to work on cars,” he said. “This makes for quick modifications and setup that allows our team to get the most out of the machine.”

He said the combination of Krider Racing and Honda can be traced back to a used 1977 Honda Civic that was given to the family. The car was intended to be used as a vehicle for Rob to take to college. However, it was quickly modified and entered into a race, a race Rob won. From that moment on, the Kriders have been wrenching on Hondas and winning events ever since.

And they have been winning big.

Rob Krider is 2016’s fastest Honda Challenge driver in the country, a title he is desperate to hold on to in 2017. He has already qualified for the NASA championships in October, but he hasn’t won every race he has entered this season.

“Similar to last year, it has been a roller coaster season,” he admitted. “We’ve broken stuff, I’ve run the car too aggressively sometimes, and the competition is getting stronger. All of this means we need to work harder to ensure we repeat at the nationals.”

Jim doesn’t seem too concerned with the season’s drama, saying that’s what makes the team stronger.

“We learn from our mistakes and we work to solve problems so when the big race comes we will be ready,” he said.

Randy is having a much smoother season in his Honda Civic, winning multiple races and holding the regional points lead in the San Francisco Region of the SCCA. He chalks up his success to local businesses that ensure his Honda is the fastest on track: Performance In-Frame Tuning, TEM Machine Shop, B&G Tires, Napa Valley Muffler, and Bay Area Express.

Randy chose the 1989 Civic Si because it is the lightest platform with the best torque available from Honda, making it an instantaneous fast car.

Rob partnered with Double Nickel Nine Motorsports of Del Rey, California last season, a relationship that has been formidable in the Honda Challenge series. DNN Motorsports is sponsored by Tactical Ops Brewing, Chandler Autosport, Olson Auto Body, Economy Stock Feed, J&B Farms, Performance In-Frame Tuning, TEM Machine Shop, I/O Port Racing Supplies, Smart Racing Products, Hasport motor mounts, ProSpeed RS 683 brake fluid, Carbotech performance brakes, Insane Shafts, Autopower, Cadet Blues the novel, Eibach Springs, Phase2Motortrend, Devsport, Sychrotech Transmissions, Driven steering wheels, and Sampson Racing Communications.

Rob missed the pole position at Auto Club Raceway by a mere 15 thousandths of a second. Starting on the front row, he charged to the front and led the race for a while. But as the Toyo tires got hot mid-race, one slight bobble and a competitor got by. Rob fought hard to hold off the rest of the field to finish second on the podium.

“Everyone knows I think second place is the first loser,” said Rob. “But, I’ll take standing on the podium holding a trophy over standing in the pits holding pieces of a blown motor any day of the week, especially on Sundays, race day.”

One piece of irony about Krider Racing and racing Hondas is it isn’t Rob’s preference.

“I like driving rear-wheel drive cars, and all of the Hondas we have raced have been front-wheel drive,” he said. “Looking at the history of our results, I will admit that we have been more successful in a front-wheel drive platform, but I get more enjoyment out of big-horsepower, rear-wheel drive machines.”

Jim, the wise patriarch of the team, knows why this is the case.

“Rob is better in lesser-horsepower, front-wheel drive machines because that type of vehicle forces you to drive with more precision and care,” he explained. “Rob is inherently aggressive on the racetrack and a big-horsepower, rear-wheel drive car allows him to drive like a complete jerk. The front-wheel drive, if he wants to go fast, forces him to drive with some sense of sanity.”

So, the next time you see Rob Krider take a checkered flag in first place driving a front-wheel drive car, you can assume he isn’t all that happy about it. He’d rather be doing it sideways, with the rear tires smoking, in a rear-wheel drive car.

The next race for Rob in the Honda Challenge will be Rounds 7 & 8 at Buttonwillow Raceway June 24-25. The next race for Randy will be June 10-11 at Crows Landing. To get updates on the team follow Krider Racing on Instagram or Facebook.

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