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More Big Stripers… from St. Helena angler Dan Skadal and his fishing partner, Jim Guiducci. They trolled lures on the Napa River between downtown and Kennedy Park for these 27- and 29-inch striped bass. Linesides this big are a bear to control and bring to the net. But, Dan has got it down pat.

Availability of good numbers of stripers here should remain until some serious gully-washers muddy up the water. But then the sturgeon arrive. Stay tuned.

And, Big Largemouth Bass… from Napa teen Ava Aaron. She caught several of their 23 Clear Lake bass while fishing with her grandfather, Fred White, and her dad, Jason Aaron, last week. Pro guide Bob Myskey (274-0373) said that their top bass was a fat 5 pounds. That’s a dandy winter-time bass.

More Local Action… on Berryessa and Hennessey. Here’s where we separate those who put in their time on the water and those who just wet a line occasionally. It’s more like “fish finding” than fishing as the season turns and water gets colder. Find a friend who knows these waters and you’ll find some fish (better promise to bring the lunch and beer).

BTW, Clear Lake Is The Third-Best… bass lake in America for 2018. Yep, Bassmaster Magazine rated it behind only Sam Rayburn Reservoir in Texas and Chickamauga Lake in Tennessee. Those two might just be ranked higher because their warmer weather let bass there feed longer and get bigger.

One, Three, Five… in the West. Look at our close-in lakes at the top of Bassmaster’s Western Region Top 10: Clear Lake is No. 1, Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta is No. 3, and Berryessa came in at No. 6. Local anglers have some of the best black bass waters in the country. Get out there and fish.

Countdown Continues… The 2018 ocean season for recreational king salmon closed Wednesday. The Dungeness crab season here opens tomorrow. Old hands know the drill: Non-boaters, make some crab-rock fish- ling cod combo reservations right now. Weekends fill up fast; weekday trips are easier to book.

Private boaters – the key crab waters will be dangerous places as hundreds of anglers will be out in the dark to set their crab pots tonight, starting at midnight. As the season unfolds, floating line to the pots can foul your prop. You don’t want to be stuck to a rope if the wind comes up – it might swamp your boat. Captain Rick Powers of the New Sea Angler (875-3344) was quoted in Monday’s Hot

Sheet recommending that you have a long retracting pole with a sharp cutting implement to cut a line if it gets stuck in the prop. Adding to the danger will be some seasonal big swells and bad weather. Please practice every safety-on-the-water drill you have ever taken.

Sharks On Combo Trips?… Sounds good. Your kids will like the ferocious battles with sharks, and everyone will dig into a crab feed later in the day. Captain Joe Gamez of Golden State Sport Fishing (209-855-1487) promises combo trips for crab and seven-gill sharks through Nov. 16. His six-pack is perfect for a family outing or an office refresher.

Sturgeon Crank-up?… If you love Delta sturgeon hunting like I do, your time is coming – soon. Here’s what Captain Steve Mitchell (Hook’d Up Sport Fishing, 655-6736) told The Hot Sheet: “Sturgeon fishing remains very good in Suisun Bay. The bite is on fire! … We have been catching sturgeon on every trip working the deep water off of Pittsburg towards Chain Island with salmon roe or eel … The deep water is loaded with sturgeon, and they are biting … We have been finding all of the action in the world.”

Road Trip Coming… tomorrow. I’m off to Yuba City for my second annual visit to the Nor-Cal Guides and Sportsmen’s Association’s annual fundraiser dinner. They sold it out, as 600 attendees will help to fund NCGASA’s ongoing programs to improve hunting and fishing opportunities for all of us. I’ll be delivering some Napa Valley dinner wines courtesy of Roger Trinchero at Trinchero Estates and Alex Ryan at Duckhorn.

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