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All Hands On Deck … for Napa County’s 33rd Annual California Coastal Cleanup Day Saturday, Sept. 16, from 9 a.m. till noon. This is the perfect example of “many hands make light work.” Last year, close to 430 volunteers collected over 3,500 pounds of trash and 5,000 pounds of recycling. The unwritten code of the organizers is to have more volunteers collect more stuff each year, and it has held true most of the time.

Here’s a chance for you and your whole family – heck, make it your whole neighborhood – to help Napa County help the California Coast by keeping our bad stuff from floating down the Napa River to the sea. You’ll want to wear some grubbies, boots, gloves, hat and sun protection. Bring a pail and a rake. With 20 sites throughout the valley, you can pick the ones closest to you. Get all the details at – the Napa County’s Resource Conservation District’s website.

North Coast Albacore Action … is hot. Warm water is bringing them in, so the ride out is shorter and lots of krill are keeping them close. According to the Tuesday Hot Sheet, Yuba City’s Scott Marran reported a great bite on Saturday, with boats returning with 30 to 50 longfins ranging in size from “peanuts” to 15 pounds. Scott said that he heard of a couple of 30’s in the mix.

Back In Bodega Bay … Captain Rick Powers of Bodega Bay Sport Fishing (875-3344) went north Monday to score limits all around of rockfish and ling cod to 25 pounds for his 31 passengers. Rick said “We focused on the bottom fish, and the sacks must have weighed 50 pounds with the coppers, vermilions, Bolinas, gophers and chinas in the sacks with very few school fish.”

He said he saw around 80 commercial boats working 40 fathoms for king salmon and some of the boats picking up to 50 fish. He expects to see another shot of salmon as they move south. It’s a good time to get one for a fall BBQ party.

Feather River Salmon Promise … Stan Press and I will be on the Feather for two days with pro guide Kevin Brock (800-995-5543). Early reports are good. Guide Aaron Zanocco from Yuba City put his clients on to six chrome-bright salmon to 25 pounds.

Wild St. Helena … (no, not that wild) will present a special program on bats at 7 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 14 at St. Helena Public Library. Get there early; the last two Wild St. Helena events I attended were standing room only. Bring your youngsters.

7th Annual Red, White, & Blue Golf Tournament … will be at Eagle Vines Vineyards & Golf Club on Monday, Sept. 25. This special event supports The Pathway Home program at Veterans Home of California in Yountville. Locally created and led, as well as locally funded, The Pathway Home is a shining example of Napa County at its best.

My pal, Dorothy Salmon, is the Chairperson of the Board of Directors. Here’s what she said about this program: “By offering an integrated program that builds on individual and collective strengths, develops critical tools that promote physical and mental health, and supports academic development and career aspirations, we aim to expand veterans’ opportunities for long-term success and improved quality of life.” We owe it to them to give them a helping hand. Let’s join Dorothy and her whole team to put this event over the top.

You can help out by participating in the tournament. You can sign up right now at

Become An IGFA Fishing Contest Winner? … Why not? I’m guessing that it is one of the biggest fishing contests ever held. The International Game Fish Association announced their annual contest that will run from Oct. 1, 2017 to Sept. 1, 2018, with categories for conventional tackle, fly fishing and juniors. With 74 eligible species covering both salt and fresh water, every angler has a shot at winning a prize. There will be 222 prizes, including three priceless exotic fishing trips at the top of the leader board.

And it will be easy to participate: The website graphics say it best: “1. Catch, 2. Compete, 3. Win.” All online friendly. Check it out at and plan your strategy now. You can get steamed up with this video:

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