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BUMMER… Those brutal fires around Clear Lake required us to cancel our bass trip with guide Bob Myskey (349-4460) this week. That’s twice this year – hummm, a signal? Hope not.

Called the Mendocino Complex Fires, on Monday they grew to become the largest recorded wildfires in state history. Towns around the lake rim are in a state of flux depending on the wind and fire direction. Bob lives in Nice, which has been evacuated for several days now. Residents electing to stay in their homes cannot leave them. That is so law enforcement teams can shoot looters seen around town – without hitting any residents.

Meanwhile, some other guides who headquarter over on the Kelseyville side can get out to fish. One that we have fished with is Jeremy Taylor (349-6797). All you need to know is that Jeremy put Lora Trinchero and me onto 66 largemouth bass in one day the last time we fished with him this summer.

And, also stay tuned: Dan Solomon and I are going bassing with Bob Myskey Aug. 29 and 30. Then Liesl Wolf-Heinemann and Brent Randol will join me there to kick off the fall bite on Sept. 15 and 16.

Salmon In The Salt… stay active. Salmon reports are good across the region with some 85 days yet to go in the ocean season. With recent heavy winds pounding the Sonoma coastline recently, there is comfort and safety in a big boat. Here’s just one day on the New Sea Angler out of Bodega Bay (875-3344) reported in the Monday Hot Sheet:

*28 salmon limits – 56 fish ( to 28 pounds)

*28 rockfish limits – 280 fish

*27 ling cod – 27 fish

*Total – 363 fish

Lake Berryessa… level was at 427.6 feet above sea level last Thursday – that’s 12.4 feet below the Glory Hole – and continues to drop about six inches a week (including evaporation). The water temperature was 82 degrees. That’s prime range for rubber frog fishing. Try them early or late in low light and toss a white one right after lunch. Look for some tulle banks and cast right into them. Pop this weedless bug a couple of times than walk it out slowly. Hang on (thanks Peter Kilkus of the Lake Berryessa News for this lake level and temperature information).

Here’s an update from the Best Bass Tournaments (BBT). The Northern Region tournament will be on Clear Lake on Saturday, Aug. 18 out of Redbud Park, behind Clear Lake Bait and Tackle. Take advantage of the convenient check-in on Aug. 17 between 4 and 6 p.m. at Clear Lake B&T.

On Aug. 25, you can fish in the Delta/Wine Region event at Russo’s Marina on Bethel Island in the Delta. BBT sign-ups will be at 4 a.m. at Russo’s. Randy Pringle, tournament director, says to be there early because they are expecting a large field. Randy is the tournament director for both of these events. Call him at 209-543-6260 for more details.

The pucker factor is up. Winners of these seasonal formats will fish off in the October Tournament of Champions (TOC). So now is the time for those on top to salt it away, or those on the rise to make a move. This year’s TOC will be Oct. 13-14 at Russo’s Marina. That’s one you’ll want to bring your kids to see.

Why A Lot Of Chatter... about bass? Black bass – freshwater largemouth and smallmouth bass – are the most popular fish to catch in America. Look at these comparisons:

*Bass angling days per year—162,000,000

*Trout angling days per year—80,000,000

*Flounder angling days per year—20,000,000

Those will surely grow as both high schools and colleges expand and refine their student bass tournament programs. Look at this note on the 2018 High School Fishing World Finals from the Student Angler Federation in the FLW camp, held on Pickwick Lake in Ponca City, Okla. It was the largest championship fishing event in any youth or adult program ever held. There were 384 teams entered from 35 states, vying for over $150,000 in scholarships and prizes.

And the winnahs were Jeremy Tolle and Garet Hale, from Kiefer High School in Oklahoma. They took home scholarships worth $56,000, $250 in Cabela’s gift cards, and 50-inch TVs. Sure beats getting your block knocked off on the football field every Friday night. Wanna turn in your helmet? Contact the Student Angler Federation at Federation National Office

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