The SHAPE Committee meets Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m. at Vintage Hall to evaluate St. Helena’s public buildings. The consultant EMG conducted an assessment of each of those buildings. Each week the Star plans to publish some highlights from that assessment, starting with the City Hall/police station building.

Area: 10,994 square feet

Appraisal: $4.74 million

Current Year Repairs: $941,861 (cost to bring the building up to code this year)

Cost to replace: $3,252,135 (very low estimate, based on $285/square foot – city of Napa using cost estimates of $600-$700/square foot)

Notes on exterior: Built in 1955. Poor condition. Needs a new roof (tarped to prevent leaks), a modernized electrical system, new water and wastewater lines, and revisions to the courtyard storm drain.

Notes on interior: Unusual floor plan makes it hard to use space efficiently. Three different floor elevations. Doesn’t provide appropriate space for police operations. Evidence room located in area used by other city staff. Exterior doorways lead to police offices and could pose a security problem. Lacks adequate lobby space. Lacks City Council chambers, which increases staff travel times to meetings and requires the expense of renting Vintage Hall.