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Marc Golick

Moments before Marc Golick read a brief prepared statement Monday he faced a handful of television cameras. He is the husband of Jennifer Golick, who was killed along with two other staff members on Friday at the Veterans Home in Yountville.

The mother and husband of Jennifer Golick, a victim in Friday’s Yountville killings, held two brief press conferences on Monday outside Golick’s St. Helena home.

Leilani Gray spoke without notes, while Marc Golick read from a prepared statement about Friday’s tragedy at The Pathway Home where his wife and two other staff members were killed.

Speaking of her daughter, mother Leilani Gray said, “What a great lady she was and still is in my heart. I still miss her.” She added, “I feel sadness throughout my entire body. I woke up yesterday morning crying through my sleep and when I got up I was still crying. I’m still crying inside and will be forever.”

She added, “I’m just hoping we can get through the next couple of weeks, couple of months and couple of years with as little as possible going on to try to get back to a normal life.”

Golick’s husband Marc said, “It’s with an incredibly deep sadness that I mourn the loss of my wife, Dr. Jennifer Golick. She was a very beloved mother, sister, daughter, colleague and friend. We appreciate the outpouring of love and support from our St. Helena community and outlying communities as well. She is missed terribly.”

“I’d like to make a firm request to allow us to mourn her tragic passing in private. I make this appeal for privacy only on behalf of my daughter and those close to us while we grieve and heal. Thank you.”

Both left the press conferences after their statements and refused to take questions.

Editor's Note: This article has been modified to correct the name of Jennifer Golick's mother.