March arrives on Thursday with what looks to be a good shot of rainy weather—if only for a few days—amid an exceptionally dry Napa Valley winter.

Mike Pechner of Fairfield-based Golden West Meteorology said Monday that several inches of rain could fall in the Napa Valley from Wednesday afternoon into early Saturday. Snow could fall on Mount St. Helena.

But whether the county will see the Miracle March needed turn this drought-like rain season around is another matter.

“Here’s the problem. The forecast models go dry next weekend,” Pechner said. “They go dry also to the second week of March right now, though it could change. But we could go into another relatively dry period.”

Napa Valley knows all about dry this rain season. Only a few hundredths of an inch of rain fell in December. The few tenths of an inch that fell Monday morning and afternoon marked the first rainfall for February in some parts of the valley.