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Tuesday, March 6

0932 — A caller requested extra patrol on Oak Avenue, due to cars speeding to avoid Main Street traffic.

1033 — Report of a tractor parked on the street near Vintage/McCormick. Police contacted its owner and said the tractor needs to be removed from the street.

1123 — Police took a missing person report.

1210 — Medical aid for a fall victim on Del Campo Court.

1245 — A parked car was damaged in a non-injury accident on Adams Street.

1326 — Report of a suspicious man getting in and out of a car parked in a disabled space in a Railroad Avenue parking lot. A second caller said he was pacing suspiciously.

1346 — Two men have reportedly been going to the end of Pratt Avenue, smoking marijuana, being loud, and leaving trash. They were also believed to have thrown the “Bridge Closed” sign into the river. They were described as two white men in their 20s, driving a black Mercedes.

1406 — Report of a dog left in a car on Hunt Avenue. Its owner got there soon after police arrived.

1638 — Report of a truck parked on Voorhees Circle for about five days.

1716 — Medical aid for a man with shortness of breath on Sulphur Springs Avenue.

Wednesday, March 7

0703 — A driver sped into a parking lot off Mitchell Drive and almost hit a maintenance worker. The car was last seen going south on Main Street.

0710 — Police conducted traffic enforcement on Spring Mountain Road.

1340 — Non-injury accident involving a parked car near Pine/Oak.

1928 — Police were told to be on the lookout for a driver who’d brandished a pistol on Highway 29 near Mee Lane.

Thursday, March 8

1311 — Police provided traffic control so that a truck and trailer could back out of a Main Street driveway safely.

1513 — Report of a suspicious man walking door to door, possibly soliciting, near Spring Mountain/Hillview. The same man was spotted on Allyn Avenue about an hour later, and later on Tainter Street and Vineyard Avenue. A woman who might have been associated with him was seen on Paulson Court. The man was seen on Spring Mountain Road after 11 p.m.

2159 — Non-injury accident involving a parked car on Hunt Avenue.

Friday, March 9

0652 — Another caller reported being approached by a door-to-door solicitor Thursday evening on McCorkle Avenue.

1025 — St. Helena police assisted with the active shooter/hostage situation at the Veterans Home in Yountville.

1626 — Report of a large dog being aggressive toward children at Meily Park.

2116 — Medical aid for a person having an anxiety attack on Spring Mountain Road.

2127 — Medical aid for an elderly woman who fell out of bed on Olive Avenue.

2245 — Police responded to a loud music complaint at an apartment on Edwards Street.

Saturday, March 10

1026 — Medical aid for a woman having a possible allergic reaction on Mitchell Drive.

1139 — Police were asked to check on an 8-year-old and 14-year-old who’d been left home alone all day on Pope Street.

1253 — The fire department responded to an oven fire that was filling a house with smoke on Pine Street.

1325 — A women in the lobby said that her brother, who lives in a different house on the same Vallejo Street property as her, has put locks on the doors that lock her in the house.

1535 — Police cited a driver who crashed into a parked car on Stockton Street. Nobody was hurt.

1812 — A lost cell phone was returned to its owner.

2002 — Report of two suspicious people with a white van removing things from a garage on Chiles Avenue. Police made sure there was no crime occurring.

Sunday, March 11

1221 — Report of a suspicious woman wandering around a property on Fawn Park Road and not making sense.

1222 — A gunshot outside the city limits was audible from Madrona Avenue. The caller said it was an ongoing issue and was concerned that the person is going to commit a crime with the guns.

1324 — A caller said loud bass sounds coming from a car parked on McCorkle Avenue could be heard from blocks away. Police checked the area.

1444 — Report of a dog left in the bed of a truck for 10 minutes near Main/Spring. The caller was concerned it was too hot for the dog, who was barking. It was 70 degrees.

1610 — Report of a silver hatchback speeding down Crinella Drive and doing donuts. Police checked the area.

1647 — A silver Range Rover had been parked near Main/Elmhurst for a few weeks with a “For Sale” sign on it.

1706 — A car with expired tags had been parked on Pope Street for weeks.

1801 — A caller was concerned about two children, approximately 5 and 8 years old, who were playing in Crane Park unattended.

1830 — Police responded to a loud music complaint on McCorkle Avenue. They determined the volume was not excessive.

2049 — Police were told to be on the lookout for a Mini Cooper that had been involved in a hit-and-run in Calistoga. Police found it parked on Rosebud Lane.

Monday, March 12

0000 — Report of a car swerving on Main Street near Deer Park Road. Police stopped the car and cited the driver for driving without a license.

0444 — Medical aid for a man with a heart problem on Madrona Avenue.

0939 — An office manager arrived at work at an Adams Street doctors’ office and discovered that $210 in petty cash was missing from a desk drawer. Nothing else was missing, and the rest of the office was intact. Police took a report.

1019 — Report of a continual problem with someone using their neighbor’s dumpster to dump trash on El Bonita Avenue.

1139 — Report of a disabled pickup truck near Main/Pope.

1145 — Police provided civil standby for a family giving a press conference at a local house.

1457 — Report of a two-car accident at Main/Deer Park.

2320 — Report of a blown transformer on Main Street.

Tuesday, March 13

0335 — Police arrested a 40-year-old Angwin man for an outstanding warrant.