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Tuesday, Sept. 26

0902 — Report of a yellow lab wandering on Fulton Lane. Police eventually picked it up near the flood project.

1109 — A person reported being stalked.

1420 — Report of a dog left inside a car for 30-45 minutes on Charter Oak Avenue. The car’s windows were cracked. It was 91 degrees outside.

1501 — An officer attended the bike rodeo at the Teen Center.

1526 — Report of a disturbance involving two men on Main Street.

1601 — Police arrested a 25-year-old St. Helena man on suspicion of being under the influence of drugs, public intoxication and resisting arrest at Pope/Edwards.

1826 — Police aided two boys who were trying to contact their dad.

1844 — Report of smoke in the Mitchell Drive area.

1852 — A Brittany spaniel named Hana was reported missing from Signorelli Circle.

2015 — Barking dog complaint on Chablis Circle.

Wednesday, Sept. 27

0847 — A person reported being threatened via a chat app.

1125 — Police detained a pit bull terrier mix on Spring Street. Jax’s owner posted bail and claimed him.

1349 — Police cited a Prius parked in a bus zone on Oak Avenue.

1443 — Police cited an Acura parked in a bus zone on Oak avenue.

1519 — A person came to the lobby asking that a parking citation be voided.

1544 — Report of a Winnebago being parked on Pine Street very frequently.

1554 — A person reported losing their parking ticket.

1739 — A caller said some panhandlers on Hunt Avenue have a child who appears to be unattended. The caller said the family just lets her cry all day.

2044 — Report of two suspicious cars on Main Street. They turned out to be Uber drivers waiting for calls.

Thursday, Sept. 28

0737 — Report of a car alarm sounding on Main Street for 15 minutes.

0811 — A pool filter was smoking on Pope Street. It had made a loud bang earlier.

0842 — Police assisted children who’d gotten locked in a van on Grayson Avenue.

0846 — Report of a loud leaf blower on Colombard Court.

1312 — Medical aid for a person having a seizure on Main Street.

1736 — Non-injury accident involving a parked car on Hunt Avenue.

Friday, Sept. 29

0749 — Report of a car partially blocking a driveway on Monte Vista. Its owner moved it.

0903 — A woman came to the lobby to claim some of her property that had been found near Adams/Railroad the night before.

1244 — A Jack Russell terrier named Lulu was reported missing from Main Street. She was wearing a pink collar.

1258 — A caller said an unleashed dog attacked her dog at Meily Park. She requested that the leash law be enforced in parks, and that more prominent signs be posted encouraging owners to leash their dogs.

1525 — Report of a suspicious man in his 20s selling candy out of a Tupperware container near Main/Adams. He’d claimed he was fundraising for Calistoga High to buy team jerseys.

1643 — Non-injury accident at Main/Dowdell.

2212 — Police helped set spike strips near Silverado Trail and Deer Park Road during a high-speed pursuit that started at Highway 29/Tubbs Lane and continued onto the Trail. The chase eventually ended at Silverado Trail and Hardman Avenue, where three of the pickup’s occupants were arrested. By the end of the chase the pickup had hit two sets of spike strips and was riding on its rims.

2220 — The fire department responded to a small brush fire caused by sparks coming off a passing vehicle at Silverado Trail and Pratt Avenue.

2355 — A small green car was seen spinning donuts near Monte Vista/Hunt.

Saturday, Sept. 30

0812 — Report of a vehicle rollover at Silverado Trail and Deer Park Road, outside the city limits.

0936 — A non-injury hit-and-run occurred on Pope Street last night. A parked car sustained some minor damage.

1059 — A big clear bin containing photos, court documents and other papers was found on Pope Street.

1205 — Two-car non-injury accident on Main Street.

1232 — A large diamond ring was found at Adams/Railroad on Friday. It was turned into the sheriff’s office.

1348 — Report of a major injury accident with a motorcyclist down on Highway 128.

1505 — Non-injury lift assist on Spring Mountain Court.

1553 — Two white dogs were wandering on Allyn Avenue. They belonged to a Stockton Street resident.

1554 — Non-injury accident at Main/Grayson.

1709 — Report of a reckless driver passing illegally on Highway 29 near Rutherford.

1737 — Police were asked to check on a disoriented woman who appeared drunk or upset near Main/Grayson.

2320 — Three or four people were trying to help an intoxicated woman near Voorhees/Mitchell.

2341 — A man who’d run out of gas on Main Street asked police for help.

Sunday, Oct. 1

0030 — Report of loud music coming from an upstairs apartment on Monte Vista.

0106 — Medical aid for a woman whose heart was racing on Hunt Avenue.

0956 — The front gate of a Mitchell Drive property was damaged.

1242 — Report of a dog left in a car for about 10 minutes near Main/Spring.

1929 — Following a traffic stop at Main/Grayson, police arrested a 34-year-old Napa man for a probation violation.

2327 — A transformer blew and threw sparks into a field near Grayson Avenue. CalFire was asked to check the area for possible fire.

Monday, Oct. 2

0135 — Report of people talking and laughing in a backyard on Park Street.

0637 — A pedestrian was hit by a car on Main Street north of Pope Street and taken to the hospital. Police say that according to witnesses, the pedestrian appears to have been at fault.

0821 — Several cars had been parked on Brown Street for over a month.

0844 — School property was vandalized on Hillview Place.

1100 — A student on Grayson Avenue was caught with a possible marijuana-based vaping device.

1245 — Report of a man staggering and looking very drunk on Main Street.

1356 — Report of a tractor/truck blocking Church Street.

1408 — A caller said their car was damaged by debris during the high-speed pursuit on Silverado Trail on Friday night. The driver needed the police’s help with the insurance claim.

1414 — Report of a suspicious shirtless man walking around near Main/Adams.

1514 — Report of two women trying to sell make-up on Main Street.

1544 — A car ran a stop sign on Railroad Avenue, almost hitting other cars.

1648 — Report of a suspicious man looking into some bushes on Mills Lane.

2148 — A 47-year-old St. Helena man was arrested for an outstanding warrant.