Dave Stoneberg is editor of the St. Helena Star, who has been with the Star since 2006. He is one of the founders of the St. Helena Star/Napa Valley Vintners tasting panel, is passionate about telling a good story and riding his bicycle. 

Tom Brown is a St. Helena resident who served as a dean at Saint Mary’s College of California for 27 years. He currently is a consultant and speaker at colleges and universities that are seeking to keep more of the students they enroll. Send comments, questions to: thedean@tbrownassociates.com

Growing up in St. Helena provided Tim Carl with a unique perspective on the world. In “The Storyteller” he often shares tales of being a kid during the late 1960s and ‘70s, bringing to life a different time and recalling the often-humorous differences between the Napa Valley and the world beyond.

Mark G. Epstein moved to St. Helena from the East Coast early this century after a career in international business.

Richard Moran roams around the Napa Valley in a happy mood singing in the rain.

Julie Spencer is the executive director and Adrian Hayne is the development/marketing consultant for Rianda House Senior Activity Center, 1475 Main St. in downtown St. Helena. Info, riandahouse.org; 707-963-8555.

Betty Rhodes writes about senior living in Napa Valley. "I enjoy being a senior, and I appreciate being able to continue championing the causes of seniors. It’s all good. We live in a very ‘senior friendly’ valley, with much for seniors to do in order to remain healthy in mind, spirit and body."

The Thursday Pulpit is an opportunity for those in the religious community, either leaders of congregations or congregation members themselves, to express their views on a variety of inspiring and Bible-based topics. 

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