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My husband and I are guilty of being among the Silent Majority. We apologize for that. But no more. The recall effort against Major Alan Galbraith is the last straw and it’s time for us to get vocal.

Just to be clear, we didn’t vote for Mayor Galbraith but we do think he’s done a pretty good job given the circumstances he inherited and we do believe he has a thoughtful and realistic approach to our future, one that does not include kicking the financial “can” down the road.

We are not at all interested in wasting our city’s time or money on a recall. Go to the polls next year if you want change. In the meantime, we’d like to see some solutions to our city’s issues and we support planned, thoughtful growth.

We want a healthy and thriving town with a great mix of retail and restaurants, safe sidewalks, streets without potholes, a proper City Hall, and visitors from around the world of diverse cultures and backgrounds. We want to support our businesses who have been good neighbors like Beringer and the CIA. And we’d really like to see a lot less NIMBY.

To those who say they want “to keep St. Helena, St. Helena,” we say … our town has always evolved, like nearly every other place. It’s almost a silly thing to say. We all love our town. And we personally believe there’s room for change … let’s be smart and proactive about it.

So let’s face it, our town is definitely divided. It’s going to be nearly impossible to please everyone but let’s try to make the best of the Adams Street property and stop wasting our time on a recall.

Thank you Bill Ryan for calling us out. We are the silent majority no more.

Sue Furdek, Wayne Donaldson

St. Helena